Pint Sized Blonde

The Lord Rosebery

by Lenore


The Lord Rosebery

The Lord Rosebury 

‘Mosaic Pale Ale’

Sometimes writing a beer blog has its down sides. Like when the doctor sends you for liver function tests and your life flashes before your eyes. Other times you'll meet a mate in the afternoon and end up on an impromptu pub crawl where at some point someone will utter the sentence "she had a hamburger in her handbag so they threw her out". Swings and roundabouts.

While drinking beer for a column is a bucket of fun, it tends to make forming sentences a mite tricky. While others might wake up hungover after a night out, trying to decipher the number scrawled on their arm in the hopes of a date, I try to make sense of my drunken notes in the hope of a coherent column. After starting Monday in one pub at 4pm I ended up in The Rosebury by 8. How did I not know about this pub before?! Traditional outside, sympathetically trendy inside, decent beer and a chatty barman. Golden Triangle Mosaic Ale was on and is always a safe bet. 3.8% light, refreshing and local (the brewer can be found in The Plasterers most weekends). As we were the only people in there, the barman played whatever music we wanted. This led to a Smiths marathon, which in turn led to the sentence to end all sentences. Apparently Morrissey had held a 'meat free' gig. My drinking companion had become so annoyed by a fellow reveller at said gig, he told security she had contraband on her person and they escorted her out. Which explains why I had scrawled 'hamburger in her handbag' at the end of my notes. My sanity is safe.