Fundraiser for Ukraine

Norwich Arts Centre

July 8, 2022 from 20:00 to 23:00

Join us to show our support and raise funds for organisations working to help those affected by the war in Ukraine.

With performances from: Maria Uzor Green Gardens Kitty Perrin The Shucks Elan River Join us to show our support and raise funds for organisations working to help those affected by the war in Ukraine. Maria Uzor Merging electro, avant-pop, techno and dub, Maria Uzor is a half Barbadian, half Nigerian artist and producer from Norwich. Her music twists and mutates its way through its influences, chewing up the sum of it’s parts and spitting out a groove-laden mash-up that nods to both 90s club culture and to 21st century Afro-futurism. Taking a hiatus as one half of Sink Ya Teeth over lockdown, Maria took the opportunity to collaborate with a handful of artists including Adrian Flanagan as Acid Klaus (Moonlandingz / International Teachers of Pop), A Certain Ratio, and !!!(Chk Chk Chk). Green Gardens Leeds’ GREEN GARDENS are bringing a new feeling to the art rock world, their songs carrying and empathy and intricacy in equal measure. The delicate arrangements work alongside the big sounds created by raw and unusual instrumentation. The groups considered songwriting blends the drive and the measure that make up GREEN GARDENS sound. Kitty Perrin Kitty Perrin is a singer-songwriter based in Norwich, having relocated from Brighton for University and quickly built a name for herself in East Anglia. Through melancholy indie-pop, Kitty Perrin shares intimate and personal stories with her listeners, coloured by sharp and sometimes caustic lyrics. The Shucks Heavy, dancey and energetic, The Shucks are a Norwich indie band born and bred. The Shucks speak honestly about the world we’re in and get you moving as they do it; exploring indie, metal, rock and pop, to create something unique and personal to every member of the band. With multiple live shows and Abbey Road recording sessions under their belt, their passion for the music has never been bigger. They can’t wait to share their music with you. Elan River Elan River is an atmospheric folk/soul Musician from east England. Using voice, guitar and lyrics, Elan shapes his improvisations into melodic compositions That explore styles from Neo classical, traditional folk and west African music. Being compared to artists like nick drake and contemporaries like jose gonzalez and bon iver, Elans writing is both intimate and tender yet intricate and expressive.

Venue Details

Norwich Arts Centre , Norwich