Negative Pegasus, Balaclava Kid & Dad and Star Fields // NAC - 22.02.2013

The Star Fields is Jay, ex-Hypnotize Holliday, a one-man-band performing vocals, guitar, loops and samples. Opening song "Burning Ray" could be Suicide's "Ghost Rider" with guitar and that pretty much sums up the set. Musically intriguing but I’d appreciate a more interesting visual presentation – a bit of back-projection or lights wouldn't go amiss, which may be difficult for one man at the bottom of the bill.

Fresh from a session for BBC Norfolk's Introducing, Pip and Leo AKA BK & Dad make a fearsome racket. Their mix of metal and grindcore with hints of punk, post-rock and psyche is an immense, cathartic blast of noise but definitely not for those of a sensitive nature and frankly not something I’d listen to on a daily basis.  

NegPeg are the sound of MBV’s Kevin Shields, Hawkwind’s Dave Brock and Neu!’s Klaus Dinger jamming the songs of Suicide (that band again), Loop and Swans. Surprisingly, underneath the noise of "Looming" and "Floating Omen", there beats a pop heart but Richard, Todd and Carla want to rip out the pop and utterly destroy it before burying it under a mound of feedback, noise and motorik repetition. Compelling, enthralling, bloody loud, I want more.  

9/10 Pavlis



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