The Maccabees

"The new songs feel like both the best and most challenging songs to play."


"I stood there and I started crying! GRACE JONES!"

Jeru the Damaja

"All you’ve got to do is come with a seatbelt; it’ll be a crazy ride."


"Fugazi forever though, right?"

Meat Wave

"Immediately after we get home I'm going to wolf down a griddle burger."

Happy Mondays

"Fleetwood Mac probably took more drugs than us lot."


"We live for the live shows!"

Blanck Mass

I never thought I’d make workout music!

The Darkness

"People have forgotten that rock 'n' roll is very much about kicking arse and having fun"

Five minutes with Newton Faulkner

"The challenge isn’t just to make an album, it’s to try and make a really good one."

Happy Mondays @ UEA


Megson @ NAC

Contemporary folk in all its domestic glory

The Maccabees @ UEA

One of the most enjoyable shows I’ve ever been to

Blanck Mass @ NAC

An immense, immersive sound

Kagoule @ NAC

Three bands for a fiver. YES.

The Wailers @ UEA

One love indeed!

Claws' Winter Bash @ The Owl...

A great night out in Norwich

Talib Kweli @ Epic

Hip hop royalty was in the house

Nothing but Thieves

Live Lounge stars chat to teens at our workshop!

Big Weekend Preview

Alex! What should we catch at the Big Weekend?

Top Tips to survive the Big Weekend

Written by Erin Fitzeimons, Emilie White and Jack Curry

Leona Lewis

A chance to speak to a megastar!

Emily Winng

Emily Winng

"I also wrote a song called Jamaica. I've never been there"
Let's Eat Grandma

Let's Eat Grandma

"We got together when we were 10 years old"
Thieving Icons

Thieving Icons

Fresh. Exciting. Dangerous.
Tibetan Night Terrors

Tibetan Night Terrors

“Spongebob on Ritalin”