Goldie Lookin Chain

"Most people were on hard drugs but I’d ask for a cup of tea"


"We always felt different"

Prince Rama

"It's like Ram Dass on speed - "Be here now, or die".

Rat Boy

"People like putting you in boxes but I’m just here to make music"


"Norwich Arts Centre is my favourite venue in the UK"


"We will always be a Manchester band"

Lonely The Brave

"Our only real goal was to make the best record we could"

Spring King

"We’ve always had good shows in Norwich"

The Wonder Stuff

"I enjoy it all, writing, recording, performing, even rehearsing"


"Playing on a stage to strangers every night is a bizarre sensation"

Foxing @ The Owl Sanctuary

Foxing have it all

Bellowhead @ Open

Norwich went for it big style

Kathryn Williams @ the Bicycle Shop

The audience is totally enraptured with each song

Modern Baseball @ The Owl Sanctuary

One long rock-out session

Beach Baby @ Norwich Arts Centre

The beginning of a bright future

Lethal Bizzle @ UEA

In a word: dench.

Section Boyz @ the Waterfront

A dirty but perfect grime set

Shonen Knife @ Norwich Arts Centre

A band that every music fan should see

Nothing but Thieves

Live Lounge stars chat to teens at our workshop!

Big Weekend Preview

Alex! What should we catch at the Big Weekend?

Top Tips to survive the Big Weekend

Written by Erin Fitzeimons, Emilie White and Jack Curry

Leona Lewis

A chance to speak to a megastar!
Luke Peter Foster

Luke Peter Foster

The music is sparse yet full of wonder.