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Kitty Perrin

Kitty Perrin

Kitty Perrin's unique blend of dreamy indie-pop will have gained even more fans following this Pony-Up show

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Pica Pica, Pica Pica and Voodoo's deliver another great night of properly good rock music.

DJ Shadow

DJ Shadow truly delivered a night to remember.


Rumours of the death of guitar music in general and metal in particular have been exaggerated. Again.

OUTLINE ON THE ROAD - Mangata Festival Nottingham

A journey across borders to explore a developing rock/metal festival in Nottingham.

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Piss Kitti

Taken at Voodoo Daddy's Showroom by Mark Stimpson

Support Act(s):
  • Amourette
  • Oi Nah
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Gabby Rivers - Rework Taylor Swift 8th June

Gabby Rivers - Rework Taylor Swift 8th June

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Barish - Rework Taylor Swift 8th June

Dominyka - Rework Taylor Swift 8th June

Drongo Records

2024 is shaping up to be a busy one. We have new releases from Eat Your Own Head, Takeda and Rad Pitt. We’ve got some events in the pipeline this year and looking ahead to Norwich Rock Fest 2025.

Ben Taylor promoter "This is Music"

Mahan Esfahani - Whispered Spells and Bach NNF 2024

Mahan Esfahani - Whispered Spells and Bach NNF 2024

Esfahani was our notional headliner, but one that seemed at his most content when playing with like-minded musicians, all of whom were playing at the top of their game.

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Baque Luar - NNF 2024

Baque Luar is all about the beat, and that is what their first visit to Norwich will be remembered for, long after this year's Norfolk & Norwich Festival has ended.

Apartment House NNF 2024

The musicians’ performance was very respectful of the original album and largely managed to recreate its dark, chilling, chaotic quality while being able to add subtle touches of their personality

An Accident/ A life

Viewed as pure spectacle, this was the kind of grandstanding show not seen at the festival for years, thankfully forestalling what had been a shrinking theatrical component. The bigger question, however, is whether that spectacle served the show's strong autobiographical content.

Laura Misch - NNF 2024

Another wonderfully atmospheric music evening within the Adnams Spiegeltent.

101 Dalmatians - The Musical

101 Dalmatians - The Musical

A delight for children and parents of all ages.

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Everybody's Talking About Jamie

Life-affirming, inclusive and diverse, and celebrating every type of friendship.

The 39 Steps

An hilarious comedy, made to look so easy. Pleasure and laughter all of the way.

Brian Butterfield - The Call of Now

An evening that started with foolishness but ended in a Damascene moment of self-awareness

Peter Serafinowicz as Brian Butterfield

In the words of the famous Norwichonian Delia Smith “Let’s be having you come to see my show!" on the 16th June


Norwich Fitness Festival

On the 1st June, Earlham Park will be home to the debut Norwich Fitness Festival, celebrating ‘all things health and fitness that Norwich has to offer’!

Will Teather

Sophie caught up with Will Teather, who shared his thoughts and experiences with her

Putt Putt Noodle Experience

We had the pleasure of being invited to Putt Putt Noodle in Norwich last week. Whilst it’s been in Castle Quarter for over a year now, it’s had a recent revamp to the entire menu, and I cannot express how impressed we were with the overall quality of the food and vast menu.



Support local talent. Buy this album. And watch Kitewing soar.

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Brown Horse - Reservoir

It’s a brilliant debut with all the flavours and buzz of that very special gig.

Lonely The Brave - What We Do To Feel

Teenage Fanclub - Nothing Lasts Forever

Fraser Anderson - All We Are

Cluck'd Review

Cluck'd Review

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Afternoon Tea - That's Right Afternoon Tea

What the hell is Outline up to you may well say.......... Well we got an invite so why not go along, thought we would send our Jessica along

Brix and Bones

I usually try to surmise at the end of a review, but let’s put our cards on the table: what is to follow is an attempt to do justice to one of the most exciting, most exceptional meals I’ve had in a long time.

Danomey Kitchen @ The Stanley

A month in but Danomey kitchen are serving beautiful plates with a whole heap of great tastes.

Blue's Kitchen @ The Rosebery

Blue's kitchen made their name with their impressive lockdown takeaways, now this was my chance to go out, into the real world, and try it ........



Malevolence are pleased to announce a new 11-date UK club tour for February 2024, tipped to completely sell out like last year's headline tour. They will be joined on the road by Pain Of Truth and Rough Justice.

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When Rivers Meet

King King - Waterfront Norwich - 10th March

Best of 2023

Best of 2023

Our volunteer writers and photographers are STARS. Not only do they trudge along to all kinds of shows and gigs in Norwich, they also take the time to write reviews and take photos so y’all can pretend you were there. Here are some of their personal picks on music and more in the year of 2023!

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Chessboxing are you sure ....yep

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