New Instincts

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New Instincts are an alternative rock band based around Norwich. They formed late in 2012, and since then have been regularly gigging throughout the area. Made up of 4 young but already experienced and passionate musicians, New Instincts are determined to go as far they can with their music. Frontman Dougie Archer (20) is a talented singer and guitarist, with a powerful voice that perfectly suits the band's hard rock side. His confident stage performance also ensures an entertaining show. Drummer Paul (17) brings the hard hitting, powerful, rhythmic element to the band, drawing on prog influences to enhance the rock side of his playing. Earlier this year, he reached and performed at the national final of the UK Young Drummer Of The Year competition. Jack Songer (18) is an accomplished guitarist with both a writing and performing style that accompany Dougie's perfectly, and bring another dimension to the band's sound. With a great ear for melody, Jack brings perfectly appropriate and memorable guitar parts to the band's songs. Bassist (17) Joe Altham brings his own distinct flavour to the bass guitar, often adding an exuberant feel to the low end sound and adding another level of interest beneath the guitars. Together as a band their chemistry is obvious, through both their collaborative writing style and live performance. Their tight live shows and individual sounding songs have gained positive feedback from the start, and as a result they felt it time to get into the studio and record their original tracks. And so in the summer of 2013 they recorded their first release "Long Gone" consisting of 6 tracks, encompassing all sides of the New Instincts sound.