Achilles Heel


During COVID, many musicians have struggled to make a difference creatively, with venues closed and studios finding it hard to gain work. During early summer we created a release plan to work on during the autumn months. Every 1st of the month from September to January 2021 we have been releasing a single worldwide to make sure our audience and anyone who wants to listen always have something to look forward to during this dry spell for the music industry. As well as our audience, these releases have been helping out elsewhere in the industry, recording at local Blaze Studios in Caister-on-Sea, venues finalising bookings for after lockdown to stay in business and more. We see this release plan not only a good opportunity to get our music out, but also to supply the currently darkened music industry with much needed business and hope. Our singles such as 'Everlasting' and 'Talking To' have boosted our following in the past few months along with good radio play in the US and UK. These singles have a grittier and more danceable design to them compared to our debut EP 'Secrets' earlier this year in February, especially 'Talking To' with its jumpy blues riff and chorus, or 'Everlasting' with its edgy, mysterious atmosphere. With our release plan we hope to inspire others to pick up instruments, support the industry and play music to fight through any mental health issues that have spiked during the pandemic.