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Late Night with the Devil

Saturday, March 23rd 2024

Late Night with the Devil proves we secretly love when live TV goes wrong, watching the truth unfold and people squirm under pressure. Except this time, you’ll probably be the ones squirming. Enjoy the show.

Dune: Part 2

Sunday, March 3rd 2024

Dune: Part 2 is an absolute must see and already one of the best movies of 2024.

The Zone of Interest

Monday, February 26th 2024

Glazer’s genius use of sound and imagery create a visceral world of pure evil.

The Iron Claw

Saturday, February 10th 2024

The Iron Claw engages and thrills us with exciting wrestling sequences, yet we never really feel happy when the Erich brothers win, due to the enormous pressure they are under from both the sport and their father.

American Fiction

Friday, February 9th 2024

Cord Jefferson’s Debut Satire on Race

All of Us Strangers

Monday, January 29th 2024

All of Us Strangers gifts our screens with a love story that feels both nostalgic and haunting...From beginning to end, it captures a journey of loneliness, trauma, and healing, and the rawness of grief that strips characters down to their core.

The Holdovers

Thursday, January 25th 2024

The Holdovers is one of the funniest films I’ve seen in a long time that will make you cry tears of laughter and sadness.

Society of the Snow

Thursday, January 25th 2024

A Heart-Wrenching Story of Survival

Poor Things:

Thursday, January 25th 2024

An Intoxicating Insight into Male Desire and Female Independence


Saturday, July 22nd 2023

In summary, the Barbie film delivered on all fronts, combining a well-crafted story, compelling themes, and a fantastic cast to create an unforgettable cinematic experience.

Blue Jean + Q&A Session

Thursday, February 16th 2023

Mean Girls

Wednesday, February 15th 2023


Tuesday, February 7th 2023

Ants and Grasshoppers - Film Review

Sunday, September 25th 2022

"From the sun-beaten soil of Malawi, to the expansive and arid pastures of rural America, climate change continues to make its mark across the globe. However, this change hasn’t gone unnoticed, and Anita Chikaya, resident of a small Malawian village, understands that something must be done.

Film Preview - Ants and Grasshoppers

Friday, September 23rd 2022

Our new Film Reviewer, Fred Cooper, previews this film ahead of it showing in Cinema City

The Batman

Saturday, March 5th 2022

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Thursday, December 16th 2021

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Tuesday, September 14th 2021

Free Guy

Thursday, August 12th 2021


Friday, August 6th 2021

Pet Shop Boys - Discovery: Live In Rio

Wednesday, April 28th 2021

Sound of Metal

Tuesday, April 6th 2021

Justice League - Zack Snyder

Monday, March 22nd 2021

It’s the best DCEU movie so far and restores some confidence in Zack Snyder’s film making abilities that he can make something that visually is impressive but also adds substance that is worth recognising

Visability Film Festival

Wednesday, February 24th 2021

In addition to all of these fantastic titles, when buying a ticket and having access to the festival, you also get access to industry talks and Q&As with people from the films and experienced people from the industry.

Malcolm and Marie

Monday, February 8th 2021

Charity Film Screening - It's A Wonderful Life

Saturday, December 5th 2020

Charity film screening - proceeds to Norwich Street Aid

i’m thinking of ending things - Netflix

Monday, September 7th 2020

This is certainly one of Kaufman’s best shot movies to date. This is only his fourth directing credit, his first since a personal favourite of mine, the 2015 film ‘Anomalisa’. ‘i’m thinking of ending things’ is one of the most impressive looking films of 2020


Thursday, August 27th 2020


Saturday, August 22nd 2020

Saint Frances

Thursday, July 16th 2020

The Vigil

Thursday, July 16th 2020


Thursday, July 16th 2020

The Old Guard - Netflix

Thursday, July 16th 2020

Artemis Fowl

Saturday, June 13th 2020

It’s actually extremely hard to put into words how “nothing” this film is.

DA 5 Bloods

Saturday, June 13th 2020

The mental and physical torture they endure throughout is almost reminiscent of what they experienced when they were young men drafted back in the 1960’s. Not only that, Lee’s ability to mix heartfelt moments that really struck me and his way of bringing humour and shock to the table too. There is one particular scene over the halfway mark that made me almost fall off my seat

Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Tuesday, April 14th 2020

This is a stunning piece of work. As soon as I finished watching it, I wanted to watch again. A fascinating and heart-breaking look into the revelation of love, with the importance of gaze and youth derived from the story of Orpheus and Eurydice itself.


Monday, April 13th 2020

‘Tigertail’ isn’t a sugar-coated family drama that has that “feel-good ending” like in many American dramas, this doesn’t hold back and delivers exactly on what you would expect to happen to you in life.


Friday, March 20th 2020

One thing that we can admit is that it certainly carries the vision and values of Pixar, and that’s to tear you apart inside, make you cry and tap into human emotion ever so well. Is it as good as its predecessors?......

The True History Of The Kelly Gang

Wednesday, March 4th 2020

Little Joe

Thursday, February 27th 2020