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Moriah was formed in the winter of 2009 as a result of endless jam sessions in a GCSE music class, making their remarkable live debut at the seminal Green Man jazz pub in Rackheath the same year. The band brings together seven talented musicians with an extraordinarily diverse array of influences. The lineup includes a BBC Young Folk Musician of the year, a Norfolk Young Musician of the Year, a Salvation Army trumpeter and a black metal drummer formerly of the National Children’s Orchestra. Realising the potential of this eclectic mix of individuals, they were quickly snapped up to perform at the school’s renowned Jazz Nites. They were an instant hit with the audience, who burst into virtually uncontrollable song and dance; Moriah returned triumphantly to both the Green Man and the Jazz Nites the following year. Spreading their wings, the band was invited to give an open-air concert at the Forum in Norwich June 2011 where they caused quite a stir in the historic city centre. Unfortunately due to the members’ busy summer schedule performing at festivals and international music schools, plans for the band’s first album release had to be postponed to the following year. Despite this setback the band intend to make a professionally recorded and studio mastered recording of their upcoming performance at the Norwich Arts Centre available for public purchase.

BAND MEMBERS: Francis Ball (Drums), Matthew Dunnett (Bass, Vocals), Eric Grunstein (Keys), David Hoare (Clarinet, "The Instrument"), Tom Isaac (Trombone), Cam Johnson (Trumpet), Tom Moore (Violin) SOUNDS LIKE: Broadly based on traditional Jewish "klezmer", the Moriah sound is an eclectic mix of jazz, folk, ska and funk influences, with a pinch of modern dance music thrown in for good measure. INFLUENCES: Gregori Schechter, The Cat Empire, Budapest Klezmer Band, Moishe's Bagel, Polar Bear, The Ross Irwin Big Band

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RELEASES: "Moriah" (EP), July 2011; "Live at the Arts Centre", Jan 2012   GIGS: Norwich Arts Centre - 20th December; Green Man, Rackheath - 21st February LINKS: