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Grayson Perry - A Show About You

Grayson Perry - A Show About You

Monday, November 27th 2023

Despite ambitions to be the enfant terrible of British art when he won the Turner Prize in 2003, Grayson Perry is officially a National Treasure. His recent reinvention as an investigative explorer of countercultures and communities, albeit in his civvies, offered a clue as what to expect from his live show. What I didn't expect was for him to break into full throated song.

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John Cooper Clarke and Luke Wright

Sunday, November 26th 2023

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The Good Enough Mums Club

Friday, November 10th 2023

The theatrical experience is witty and well-paced, with a tone that lies somewhere between 'Six' and 'Fascinating Aida'.

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Noises Off

Wednesday, November 8th 2023

First staged forty years ago, Michael Frayn's Noises Off continues to be performed all over the world, and continues to have audiences howling with laughter. With Norwich only its third outing, I got the sense the cast had not yet entirely settled into their roles, but for most part this was a thoroughly entertaining, and mercilessly funny, night at the theatre.

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Wednesday, November 1st 2023

Anyone under the age of thirty must find it bewildering that such a prosaic misdemeanour is even remembered, let along dramatized for the stage. And yet its grip obstinately refuses to let go. It’s a testament to the quality of Graham's writing that the show was not only entertaining, but gripping, with an ability to surprise in spite of its well-trodden path.

The Full Monty - Norwich Theatre Royal

Wednesday, October 25th 2023

There is so much more to this stage version of The Full Monty than a titillating knock-off Chippendales show

Ballet Black - 'Pioneers'

Saturday, October 21st 2023

Two very different pieces, but one absolutely fabulous evening

The Coronation of Poppea - English Touring Opera

Wednesday, October 18th 2023

Elements of this fact-based narrative still hold frighteningly true today

Cinderella - English Touring Opera

Tuesday, October 17th 2023

The experience is a delight from start to finish


Sunday, October 15th 2023

Project Dictator

Thursday, October 12th 2023

Or, 'Why democracy is overrated and I don't miss it at all'

2:22 a Ghost Story at the Theatre Royal

Wednesday, October 11th 2023

I don't think I can recently recall seeing a play that so exactly matched my expectations, which was for a jolly night out watching hokey nonsense delivered with style and brio.

James Rowland - 'Piece of Work'

Sunday, October 1st 2023

James Rowland's latest show examines friendship, home, love, and loss

Life of Pi

Tuesday, September 26th 2023

The attention to detail with the setting, the symbiosis of the puppeteers married in with the lighting and corresponding sound effects was mesmerising and of course the performance led by the characters themselves ........

Norwich Under The Water

Sunday, August 6th 2023

Julius Caesar

Thursday, June 8th 2023

Plaudits are due to the RSC for performing and touring Julius Caesar, challenging in its structure and content, but while this was a bold attempt to enliven a problematic play, ultimately the embellishments employed buried the narrative under the weight of stage trickery.

Young Frankenstein

Wednesday, May 31st 2023

Legends of Variety

Wednesday, May 31st 2023

It’s all too easy to sneer at old fashioned entertainment, and old- fashioned entertainers for that matter, but there seemed a lovely bond between everyone on stage. They are all such consummate pros I suppose that could be confected, but I don’t think so.

The Bohman Brothers and Richard Crow

Thursday, May 25th 2023

The Bohman Brothers and Richard Crow used a table top of home-built instruments, tape cut-ups, spoken word, and all manner of ephemera to create a collage of sound. With these raw materials they produced an intriguing mash up of spoken word, found sound and general bonkersness.

Le Coup NNF 2023

Saturday, May 20th 2023

Neil Brand Presents Laurel and Hardy NNF 2023

Saturday, May 20th 2023

Its asking a lot to expect Laurel and Hardy to entertain a modern audience in quite the same way as they did a h


Friday, May 19th 2023


Monday, May 15th 2023

EVEN - Norwich

Thursday, May 11th 2023

The Beekeeper of Aleppo

Wednesday, May 10th 2023

Cake: The Marie Antoinette Playlist

Friday, April 28th 2023

Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty

Wednesday, April 5th 2023

....'Sleeping Beauty remains an iconic work, a gothic romance brought to life with all the charisma, charm and wit that we have come to expect from Sir Matthew Bourne

Derren Brown - Showman

Thursday, March 23rd 2023

Derren Brown, as he so often does, wrapped things up in a broader theme, this time daring to reveal more of himself that we're used to. His humanity has rarely been in doubt, but here we saw some of his fragility when faced with personal trauma, adding emotional heft to his accomplished stage craft

Lucrezia Borgia - English Touring Opera, Norwich Theatre Royal

Sunday, March 19th 2023

Good Grief

Thursday, March 2nd 2023

Wish You Were Dead

Tuesday, February 21st 2023

Clive Mantle's villainous Curtis lit up the stage, injecting much needed energy into the night with a performance that was both menacing and funny. He got all the best lines too, as if Shaun McKenna had finally got his teeth into a character of substance.

Hollie McNish , Luke Wright

Tuesday, February 21st 2023

Swan Lake

Friday, February 10th 2023

Giselle - My first Ballet

Wednesday, February 8th 2023


Tuesday, February 7th 2023

And thank you, Varna International Ballet, for your first visit to our city. It was an absolute delight to have the opportunity watch you perform. Please, please, please, come back soon.

High Performance

Monday, February 6th 2023

Peaky Blinders - The Redemption of Thomas Shelby

Wednesday, January 18th 2023

The Gentle Kingz Club

Tuesday, January 10th 2023

This is an incredible example of how the Norwich drag scene is constantly expanding to become the most diverse and inclusive that it can be, an aspect that many members of the drag community admire.

The Norwich Drag Pageant 2023: Review

Wednesday, December 21st 2022

Liv and Moth the creators of the pageant deserve huge credit for founding such an amazing event and for further donating all merchandise profits to fundraisers of Norwich’s transgender community, an incredible way to show extra support within the community!

Norwich Drag Show Pageant Interview with entire cast

Sunday, December 11th 2022