Grayson Perry - A Show About You

Monday, November 27th 2023

Norwich Theatre Royal

Despite ambitions to be the enfant terrible of British art when he won the Turner Prize in 2003, Grayson Perry is officially a National Treasure. His recent reinvention as an investigative explorer of countercultures and communities, albeit in his civvies, offered a clue as what to expect from his live show. What I didn't expect was for him to break into full throated song.

John Cooper Clarke and Luke Wright

Sunday, November 26th 2023

EPIC Studios

The Good Enough Mums Club

Friday, November 10th 2023

Norwich Theatre Playhouse

The theatrical experience is witty and well-paced, with a tone that lies somewhere between 'Six' and 'Fascinating Aida'.

Noises Off

Wednesday, November 8th 2023

Norwich Theatre Royal

First staged forty years ago, Michael Frayn's Noises Off continues to be performed all over the world, and continues to have audiences howling with laughter. With Norwich only its third outing, I got the sense the cast had not yet entirely settled into their roles, but for most part this was a thoroughly entertaining, and mercilessly funny, night at the theatre.


Wednesday, November 1st 2023

Norwich Theatre Royal

Anyone under the age of thirty must find it bewildering that such a prosaic misdemeanour is even remembered, let along dramatized for the stage. And yet its grip obstinately refuses to let go. It’s a testament to the quality of Graham's writing that the show was not only entertaining, but gripping, with an ability to surprise in spite of its well-trodden path.

The Full Monty - Norwich Theatre Royal

Wednesday, October 25th 2023

Norwich Theatre Royal

There is so much more to this stage version of The Full Monty than a titillating knock-off Chippendales show


John Robins in Howl

Thursday, September 14th 2023

Norwich Theatre Playhouse

The promise of a five-star hit at Edinburgh is no guarantee of a good night out - the unique bubble of the Fringe can distort and filter perception - but this was one of most extraordinary, and genuinely unique, stand up shows I can recall seeing.

Nick Mohammed Presents The Best and Worst or Mr Swallow

Tuesday, May 16th 2023

Norwich Theatre Playhouse

Simon Munnery

Friday, May 12th 2023

Norwich Arts Centre

Munnery is a performer that divides people. You either haven't heard of him, or you consider him a legend. Not a legend in the sense of greatness, but a literal legend - a near mythical character that reinvented comedy. Sandwiched somewhere in between Ted Chippington and Andy Kaufman, he redefined what being a comedian could mean back in the day.

Alasdair Beckett-King: The Interdimensional ABK

Friday, April 28th 2023

Garrett Millerick

Monday, April 24th 2023

The Garage

Sex, Tries and Videotape

Wednesday, March 15th 2023

Norwich Theatre Playhouse


The King and I

Wednesday, November 15th 2023

Norwich Theatre Royal

In these days of real horror and turmoil around the world, perhaps an occasional dose of Rodgers and Hammerstein's theatrical escapism is no bad thing.

The Drifters Girl

Saturday, September 23rd 2023

Norwich Theatre Royal

Rocky Horror Show- World Tour 2022-2023

Wednesday, September 13th 2023

Norwich Theatre Royal

Rocky Horror is celebrating diversity, inclusion, sexual and social liberation and much much more- go and see this show by any means necessary! 10/10


Wednesday, September 6th 2023

Norwich Theatre Playhouse

'Jerry Springer : The Opera' still has the power to both shock and make you laugh out loud, and, more importantly, to make you think about the role of the media and of organised religion.

The Bodyguard - The Musical

Tuesday, August 29th 2023

Norwich Theatre Royal

'The Bodyguard' is one of the most joyous musical experiences to have visited Norwich Theatre Royal in many a year. 100% recommended.

Greatest Days

Wednesday, August 9th 2023

Norwich Theatre Royal


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