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Tilting Sky

Tilting Sky

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Friend of The Brickmakers

Friend of The Brickmakers

Miles Kane

Black Honey

Soft Machine

Soft Machine

Three of the present line-up, guitarist John Etheridge, drummer John Marshall and bass player Roy Babbington, were simultaneous members of the Machine during the mid 70's. Between them they have clocked up 59 years' service. Saxophonist, flautist and keyboard player Theo Travis, the relative 'newcomer' to the band, has been in the line-up for twelve years. By now he would be considered a veteran in any other outfit. And the release this year of Hidden Details, the band's eleventh studio album, has been showered with praise from publications as diverse as The Times, The Wire and London Jazz News.

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The Damned

Two things gave this year’s tour an extra edge of anticipation – firstly they are promoting their first new album in 10 years Evil Spirits, and secondly bassist Paul Gray has re-joined the band, having initially spent three successful years with them starting in 1980.

Camille O'Sullivan

Deacon Blue

The band are currently on a celebratory tour of the UK, and Sunday night at the Theatre Royal was their first visit to Norwich since playing here in 2013.

Dr. Feelgood + British Blues Foundation

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‘Suspiria’ is a film that has vastly polarised critics and audiences alike and is an example of a weirdly hypnotising film, whether it be good or bad.

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Widows will hold you hostage. There is no looking away, there is no asking for mercy or respite, or wondering if a lull in the story will present itself so you can nip out for a pee.

First Man

American Animals

Cold War

Last Pub Standing

Lord Rosebery

Norwich Market

The Buck Inn

Glyndebourne Cinderella comes to Norwich

Glyndebourne Cinderella comes to Norwich

Pancrazi is wonderful as Prince Charming, and her parallel appearance as a maid and confidante to Cinderella in Pandolfe's household suggests a dimension of gender fluidity, adding yet another layer of duality, metamorphosis and contrast to the production

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A Christmas Carol - Preview

Rich Hall


MACBETH at Norwich Theatre Royal

Macbeth Oct 30th- Nov 3rd