Night Café

Night Café

Liverpudlian indie-rock four-piece The Night Café are due to release their anticipated debut album in late August

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Franc Moody

Skinny Pelembe

Alan McGee

Find out more about Alan's fascinating life as a musician, manager, record label boss and more

Johnny Marr

Johnny Marr

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FolkEast 2019: Preview

Part Chimp + Other Lady + Lady Di

Solana + Nebula Sun

This was indeed an evening of wide-ranging musical delights, when the sun really did come out and shine

Sharon Van Etten

During the course of the evening we get a chance to hear each and every one of the album's ten track

Latest Competitions
Molly Sarlé - Karaoke Angel

Molly Sarlé - Karaoke Angel

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Jesse Dayton - Mixtape Vol. 1

Pinky Pinky - Turkey Dinner

Pinky Pinky are a young trio from Los Angeles who grew up together as childhood friends and this closeness transfers into their music with new release Turkey Dinner, their debut long-player after a couple of well-received EPs.

New Model Army - From Here

The music is the classic NMA mix of punk, post-punk, folk, metal and soul but is also thoroughly contemporary and timeless

Mabel - High Expectations



The film may not be for everyone but if you're of similar age to the women in this feature then the fear of missing out and the desire to live it up and not let life pass you by is a notion that hits home

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The Dead Don't Die

Pulp Fiction

Cinema City, as part of their Tarantino celebrations leading up to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, out Troy went along to see the classic Pulp Fiction on the big screen. Lets see what he made of it .....



Reclaiming stereotypes:  Mann up

Reclaiming stereotypes: Mann up

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Anglia Square A Love Story

It is a journey that, over the course of two hours, and more than six centuries, tells the tale of two cities....As a result, I am more in love with this city than ever before. Anglia Square included.

The Mousetrap

Armstrong’s ensemble cast looked to be having enormous fun chattering their way through acres of exposition in clipped, received pronunciation, delivering their lines with exactly the right degree of knowing humour, without ever quite lapsing into parody

Anglia Square: A Love Story

Forget Love Island how about Anglia Square : A Love Story

The Last Pub Standing

The Last Pub Standing

New management and new menu so we’re given a fun selection of their upcoming offerings to try

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The Pear Tree Inn

Wild Thyme

Fat Maggi's at The Ribs of Beef