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‘It was a happy accident’: Ollie Judge of Squid on touring, covid-19 and his creative process.

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Ida Mae

We caught up with Ida Mae ahead of their Red Rooster appearance, but they are clearly in demand across the UK and USA

Alden and Patterson

Norwich based folk duo Christina Alden and Alex Patterson have been busy during lockdown.

Leo Lore


Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend

Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend

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black midi - Calvacade

Rose City Band - Earth Trip

Bachelor - Doomin’ Sun

Kingdom Keys - Violence And Virtue

Birds of Hell, Pin Ups and Aphra

Birds of Hell, Pin Ups and Aphra

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NNF 2021 - Manchester Collective and Mahan Esfahani

Gladboy, Floral Image & Hex Friends

Sarathy Korwar + Future Cargo

NNF 2021 Abel Selaocoe + Nabihah Iqbal - The Halls

Latest Competitions
Pet Shop Boys - Discovery: Live In Rio

Pet Shop Boys - Discovery: Live In Rio

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Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal is my number one movie of 2021 so far and it's going to be a tough one to beat.

Justice League - Zack Snyder

It’s the best DCEU movie so far and restores some confidence in Zack Snyder’s film making abilities that he can make something that visually is impressive but also adds substance that is worth recognising

Visability Film Festival

In addition to all of these fantastic titles, when buying a ticket and having access to the festival, you also get access to industry talks and Q&As with people from the films and experienced people from the industry.

Malcolm and Marie

Norwich Chamber Music – an interview with Chairman Peter Lawson

Norwich Chamber Music – an interview with Chairman Peter Lawson

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NNF 2021 - Tony Cragg at Houghton Hall, PrimeYarc at Yarmouth and Mona Arshi at Cley

NNF 2021 - The People’s Cabaret

Sainsbury Centre interview Roger Law

Get an insight to the Spitting Image co-creator Roger Law

Art Nouveau: The Nature of Dreams - Review

After a disrupted opening in the spring, the Sainsbury Centre’s Art Nouveau exhibition has at last opened its doors to the public. Although, not in the way you’d probably expect.

Two Magpies

Two Magpies

The two magpies does simple well. A deceptively difficult feat which they manage effortlessly.

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Layloui’s Cookies

The cookies were hand delivered in a ribbon-wrapped box that had a nice cookie smell about it. ........These cookies would make a fantastic gift for someone or a really nice treat for yourself.

Gyre & Gimble

Three new gins launched at Gyre & Gimble ....


How Covid compliant did I find a sample of local pubs?

So how did some of our local pubs and restaurants do.......