King Nun

King Nun

King Nun really broke out in 2018, but with their latest album ‘Mass’ they’ve matured and really hit their stride. Label mates with the 1975, Japanese House and Wolf Alice, they’re in good company to get some serious traction. In October they played the LCR supporting the Struts, but as they’ll be back in the new year we decided to catch-up with them before they return.

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The Neutrinos & Birds of Hell

Dave Pearce Takes his 90's Dance Anthems to Norwich

Kate Tempest

We found out more from Kate Tempest ahead of her gig at Nick Rayns LCR on Friday 8th November

Snapped Ankles

After their critically acclaimed debut album, Snapped Ankles are back touring their brilliantly outlandish second LP....

Uriah Heep + Diamond Head

Uriah Heep + Diamond Head

The evening inevitably finished on a rousing encore of Easy Livin’ (proving not that every song had to be tricky to be good) and the band grinning from ear to ear as they played. It only served to consolidate the abiding impression throughout, of the strong bond between the men on stage, delighted that they still got to do this for a living.

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Beak> & The Hysterical Injury

Comet Is Coming + Leaftcutter John

Sports Team + Alfie Templeman

The Amazons - Demob Happy - Mysterines

Guitar music is by no means dead. It has just been resting.

Latest Competitions
Killing Joke Album Cover

Killing Joke Album Cover

Find out more on the influence for Killing Joke Album

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Pumarosa - Devastation

False Advertising - Brainfreeze

Emily Jane White - Immanent Fire

Thought-provoking, at times perhaps a little clichéd, but entirely relevant and altogether rather beautiful.

Michael Monroe - One Man Gang

Judy & Punch

Judy & Punch

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Jojo Rabbit

This is about as wacky and off-beat as they go

Sorry We Missed You

It’s heart-breaking but it’s the truth. It’s not a film to enjoy with a soft drink and a large popcorn but it’s one of the most important movies of the year.....

The Peanut Butter Falcon

As well as this, the film is stunning, perfectly encapsulating the nature secluded lifestyle that most of these characters lead. The mundanity of ‘living with the land’ has never looked so ideal, and although this world can be cruel, you can rely on the kindness of strangers

The Day Shall Come

Following preacher/revolutionary Moses (Marchant Davis), the film is based on hundreds of true stories all within the United States.

Glyndebourne - Rigoletto

Glyndebourne - Rigoletto

After the sunshine and warmth of the previous night's 'L'elisir d'amore' the Glyndebourne Tour could not have provided more by way of contrast.

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Glyndebourne - L'elisir d'AMORE pt. 1

Glyndebourne Tour in Norwich last night gave me the opportunity to immerse myself for two and a half hours in Italian operatic sunshine, whilst the rest of Norwich shivered in the dark and the cold outside.

Cinderella - Northern Ballet

Northern Ballet are always eagerly awaited visitors to the Theatre Royal, both for their full productions and for their wonderful child-friendly shows (they return in April 2020 with a special version of Little Red Riding Hood). We now have October 2020 to look forward to, and their return with an exciting new production – Merlin

Penny Pepper: The Naked Punk

As a writer myself, I found her anecdotes and stories inspirational

A Taste of Honey

It also says much for this production that a cocktail of an unmarried teenage pregnancy, gay friendships, mixed race relationships, alcoholism and unremitting poverty, could be presented with such defiant stoicism and good humour.

The Last Pub Standing

The Last Pub Standing

New management and new menu so we’re given a fun selection of their upcoming offerings to try

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The Pear Tree Inn

Wild Thyme

Fat Maggi's at The Ribs of Beef