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Echo & The Bunnymen and Erica Nockalls

Echo & The Bunnymen and Erica Nockalls

Not as legendary as the reputation suggests and McCulloch thinks but far from bad. Erica Nockalls was superb, however.

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Big Country / The Icicle Works

The seventh stop on Big Country's celebratory 'Return to Steeltown' tour.

Gilla Band and The Psychotic Monks

Two challenging and inventive bands, one of which Pavlis falls in love with, the other of which he fails to connect with.

Joanne Shaw Taylor

There may be bigger, seated, venues on this string of UK dates, but for the intimate, close-up feel of Joanne Shaw Taylor's brand of the blues, Norwich's Waterfront is going to take some beating.

The Zutons

I may not the most impartial when it comes to the Zutons -. I was hooked as soon as I heard the first notes of Rumblin’ Ramblin’ back in 2002 in Liverpool - but I left the Waterfront on a high, feeling like I have spent the evening sharing a magic, precious moment with a long-lost friend.

Ziggerettes - Funeral

Ziggerettes - Funeral

Ahead of their latest single release on 1st March, Sophie caught up with the band

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Cam T

Ahead of his new release, Sophie caught up with Cam T

John Robb

Ben Lawrence

The Clause

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Gilla Band

Taken at Norwich Arts Centre by Mark Stimpson

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  • The Psychotic Monks
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Ania Magliano: I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This

Ania Magliano: I Can’t Believe You’ve Done This

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The Wizard of Oz

Come on Norwich, let’s be ‘aving you, and let’s be off to see the wizard, too.

A Family Business

Often, theatre is a device for escaping our troubles, and I suppose there's nothing wrong with that, but for those of us that yearn for more nourishing fare, it's good to know something reliably substantial is still being served up on a China Plate.

The Nutcracker - Varna International Ballet

Completing their triage of Tchaikovsky's most loved ballets.

Swan Lake - Varna International Ballet

Swan Lake is a mouth-watering spectacle. This production becomes the complete dance experience.



Support local talent. Buy this album. And watch Kitewing soar.

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Brown Horse - Reservoir

It’s a brilliant debut with all the flavours and buzz of that very special gig.

Lonely The Brave - What We Do To Feel

Teenage Fanclub - Nothing Lasts Forever

Fraser Anderson - All We Are

Putt Putt Noodle Experience

Putt Putt Noodle Experience

We had the pleasure of being invited to Putt Putt Noodle in Norwich last week. Whilst it’s been in Castle Quarter for over a year now, it’s had a recent revamp to the entire menu, and I cannot express how impressed we were with the overall quality of the food and vast menu.

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Behind the door - Brix and Bones : We Interview George, Head Chef

I recently popped into Brix and Bones, located upstairs at Gonzos, for a chat with their head chef, George Wood, about what the restaurant world has been like post pandemic, what got him interested in food, and what it’s like to be part of the Norwich scene.

Dune: Part 2

Dune: Part 2

Dune: Part 2 is an absolute must see and already one of the best movies of 2024.

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The Zone of Interest

Glazer’s genius use of sound and imagery create a visceral world of pure evil.

The Iron Claw

The Iron Claw engages and thrills us with exciting wrestling sequences, yet we never really feel happy when the Erich brothers win, due to the enormous pressure they are under from both the sport and their father.

American Fiction

Cord Jefferson’s Debut Satire on Race

All of Us Strangers

All of Us Strangers gifts our screens with a love story that feels both nostalgic and haunting...From beginning to end, it captures a journey of loneliness, trauma, and healing, and the rawness of grief that strips characters down to their core.

Cluck'd Review

Cluck'd Review

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Afternoon Tea - That's Right Afternoon Tea

What the hell is Outline up to you may well say.......... Well we got an invite so why not go along, thought we would send our Jessica along

Brix and Bones

I usually try to surmise at the end of a review, but let’s put our cards on the table: what is to follow is an attempt to do justice to one of the most exciting, most exceptional meals I’ve had in a long time.

Danomey Kitchen @ The Stanley

A month in but Danomey kitchen are serving beautiful plates with a whole heap of great tastes.

Blue's Kitchen @ The Rosebery

Blue's kitchen made their name with their impressive lockdown takeaways, now this was my chance to go out, into the real world, and try it ........



Malevolence are pleased to announce a new 11-date UK club tour for February 2024, tipped to completely sell out like last year's headline tour. They will be joined on the road by Pain Of Truth and Rough Justice.

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When Rivers Meet

King King - Waterfront Norwich - 10th March

Best of 2023

Best of 2023

Our volunteer writers and photographers are STARS. Not only do they trudge along to all kinds of shows and gigs in Norwich, they also take the time to write reviews and take photos so y’all can pretend you were there. Here are some of their personal picks on music and more in the year of 2023!

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