Kate Tempest

Kate Tempest

We found out more from Kate Tempest ahead of her gig at Nick Rayns LCR on Friday 8th November

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Snapped Ankles

After their critically acclaimed debut album, Snapped Ankles are back touring their brilliantly outlandish second LP....

Hot Chip

We spoke to Owen of Hot Chip, ahead of their Norwich gig on October 24that Nick Rayns LCR, UEA

Night Café

Liverpudlian indie-rock four-piece The Night Café are due to release their anticipated debut album in late August


Acid mothers Temple - Our Quiet Friends

Acid Mother Temple are a quite extraordinary genre-defying ensemble of talented Japanese musicians that from the outset delivered  a wall of thunderous sound that was energising, uplifting and just a bit bonkers

Gary Numan

I’ve only seen him live once before and again, I was struck by what an energetic performer he is, not at all the aloof persona I expected.

Oxjam 2019

Richard Hawley - Get Cape Wear Cape Fly

This was a precious evening of magnificent songwriting, professionalism and performance, all served up by one of Sheffield's finest.

Latest Competitions
Michael Monroe - One Man Gang

Michael Monroe - One Man Gang

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Girl Band - The Talkies

Galli - In The Roundhouse There's Hornets

This surely confirms them as one of the most innovative and original acts to emerge in 2019

Classes - The Perfect Ending

..borders on great and well worth a listen

Swedish Death Candy - Are You Nervous

Ah I wanted to like this

The Farewell

The Farewell

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The film may not be for everyone but if you're of similar age to the women in this feature then the fear of missing out and the desire to live it up and not let life pass you by is a notion that hits home

The Dead Don't Die

Pulp Fiction

Cinema City, as part of their Tarantino celebrations leading up to Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, out Troy went along to see the classic Pulp Fiction on the big screen. Lets see what he made of it .....


Jonny & The Baptists

Jonny & The Baptists

Our Kelly spoke to Jonny & The Baptists ahead of their gig at Norwich Playhouse on October 12th

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Rambert's 2019 Tour

Rambert's visits to Norwich are always eagerly anticipated, and this programme of three very different yet thematically interconnected pieces, demonstrates Benoit Swan Pouffer's commitment to maintaining the company's proud reputation for taking risks....

My Kind of Michael

an evening of knockabout fun with a charming host that was warm and inclusive, but how frustrating that, with a just a little more work and attention to detail, we could have had so much more.

Matthew Bourne's New Adventures: Romeo & Juliet

Edinburgh Fringe Some Acts coming to Norwich

Rowan from The Playhouse went to spot for talent, see what she picked to come to The Playhouse

The Last Pub Standing

The Last Pub Standing

New management and new menu so we’re given a fun selection of their upcoming offerings to try

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The Pear Tree Inn

Wild Thyme

Fat Maggi's at The Ribs of Beef