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Liveline Feb/March 2019

Liveline Feb/March 2019

Sunday, February 17th 2019

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Wheatus @ the Waterfront

Monday, October 19th 2015

"I’ve got two tickets to the Wheatus gig baby, come with me Sunday, don't say maybe"

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King King

Monday, March 16th 2015

Sam get the Blues at Epic

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Liveline - December 2012

Tuesday, December 4th 2012

I’m going to take this next sentence to be all reflective and nostalgic – a REview before the PREview, if you will. 2012 was GREAT.

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Liveline - November 2012

Tuesday, December 4th 2012

If you have lots of cake and coffee, like me, and then read this list, you will know that there is a lot for you to be excited about too!:!:!:!:!

Liveline - October 2012

Tuesday, December 4th 2012

OMG Oktober is a fucken feast. Obviously the Norwich music event of the year is happening...

Liveline - September 2012

Tuesday, December 4th 2012

Festival season is ending and the students are back, so there are plenty of things happening to satisfy all of your sonic needs...

Liveline - August 2012

Tuesday, December 4th 2012

There are a couple of gigs that will obvs be packed out when you make up for your blank calendar/post-holiday blues...

Liveline - July 2012

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012

Latitude is happening. BUT there’s also lots of other stuff happening...

Liveline - June 2012

Tuesday, July 3rd 2012

Summer and festival season is here! Finally. It feels like it’s been cold for about a million years...

Liveline - May 2012

Thursday, June 28th 2012

April may be the cruellest month but May is the busiest. I say it every month but this is ridiculous.

Liveline - April 2012

Thursday, June 28th 2012

You’ve probably never seen this many gigs on one page before. Am I right?

Liveline - March 2012

Tuesday, June 12th 2012

There are plenty of awesome ways to beckon spring in March. Mainly at live music events.

Liveline - February 2012

Thursday, February 2nd 2012

Everyone at GRAVY ate too much gravy over Christmas and disappeared because of a gravy-induced coma. But it is the month of love and we are back!

Liveline - January 2012

Tuesday, January 10th 2012

Gravy PR obviously lost their giddy minds over Christmas. Perhaps someone laced the Yule Log icing sugar with Meow Meow; perchance they spiked the Egg Nog with Campari...

Liveline - December 2011

Monday, December 5th 2011

"Christmas isn’t about GIVING! Christmas is about drinking lots and having fun." - GRAVY's take on why we should get out there this Chrimbo!

Liveline - November 2011

Friday, November 11th 2011

"Whilst Kim and Thurston have broken up and destroyed music and my aspirations for romantic rock n roll everlasting love, there are still some things to be happy about, apparently..."

Liveline - Oct 11

Wednesday, October 12th 2011

"Get off yo’ ass and attend some of the following gigs because they will make your life better" - Gravy gives us a gig round up...

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Wednesday, January 26th 2011