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If you like your Rock on the melodic side, if you like your Rock this side of metal, but that side of Pop – then you’ll love the sound of Eva Black - BBC INTRODUCING NORFOLK

EVA BLACK formed at the end of 2012 when drummer Olly Simmonds got in touch with lead guitarist Dave Warren looking to start up a new band, the outlook and attitude being that anything goes.

Dave contacted Vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sam Norfolk, both had previously played together in bands in the past, and the 3 got together and began rehearsing. It was apparent from the outset that something special was being born.

After a handful of rehearsals they had already put together a number of songs with Dave, Olly and Sam each bringing something different to the table.

New ideas, with a relaxed approach to the writing seemed to form a natural togetherness between them which set the Eva Black juices flowing.

They continued rehearsing as a 3 piece for a few more months and the decision was made that a bass player was needed to fill out the sound.

After a few enquires Sam made contact with Kev Goff, who both knew each other from their school days.

The band arranged for Kev to come and try out after sending over a few rough recordings to learn.

The bass slotted perfectly into place and brought an added, and much needed, depth to the songs.

Fuelled by the ease and quality of the music (and homebrew), and with the line-up complete, they have now finished their debut album and found the sound that is EVA BLACK.