Vegas Fame Index

Norwich based band Vegas Fame Index debut album ‘Leisureland’ is Out Now. After a busy 2011 that saw the boys play a headline slot at the VW Whitenoise festival and share the bill with the Futureheads at Playfest, the band’s first LP comes courtesy of local independent label NRone.This is heart-on-the-sleeve Indie Rock’n’Roll at its finest. The title of the album comes from the amusement arcade where guitarist and lead-singer Si Holden spent much of his formative years, and is more than a passing reference to what’s happening to today’s restless and disaffected. From the opening bars of garage-blues track ‘Try To Be Brave’ to the closing hail of feedback on ‘3x Round The Sun’, VFI deliver an unrepentant alternative to the over-produced, studio-slick guitar band model that has been the basis of so many of their peers.Recorded over 5 days in the Autumn of 2011 at Old Skool Studios, ‘Leisureland’ displays a range of influences from the song-writing of the Kinks and Supergrass, to the fuzzy West Coast retro-psych of B.R.M.C and Queens of the Stone Age. Much of the album was recorded live, capturing the raw spirit of VFI performances and was bounced down on to reel-to-reel tape. In the way that their predecessors did, they have used these techniques to give the record an honest and refreshing sound and appeal. This is certainly not a band looking to auto-tune or digitally 'cut and paste' to iron out the creases. Kev (Fry – drums) and Malc (Tolley – bass) thump out the basis of the garage-revival racket while Si provides the abrasive 'brank' of over-driven rhythm guitar and insightful vocal, lashing out at the state of things in observational address. Endless television (‘Square Eyes’), dead-end employment (‘6-Day Weekend'), and the current exile of the nation’s youth (‘The Kids’) are contemporary lyrical issues given inventive twists. This is not a band about to apologise for what they have to say.

For further information contact or Kingsley Harris at Clear Talent Media.