Collective Resonance


My name is Damien Connell and I run Collective Resonance. I live in Norwich, England and I’d just like to explain what Collective Resonance is. We are a global collective of artists, as well as being a blog, independent record label and monthly online radio show. Striving to be a congenial platform for passionate creatives around the world. Founded back in 2010 by a young, Minnesota-based producer and blogger named William Kigwana, Collective Resonance was originally a Hip-Hop production team. It later went on to become a blog, focusing mainly on Hip Hop and music inspired by the L.A beat scene. I think I became involved around May 2010, after sending Will some mixes I’d put up on Mixcloud. We then started putting out releases via Bandcamp. A little later on, Will decided to let me take over, as he started to focus more on creating his own music. Since then, we have gone on to put out a fair amount of releases and continue to blog and do a monthly show on Frission Radio. We still release music on Bandcamp, but with help from our digital distribution partners, we can now also put releases out via iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play and all the major online services. Our ethos is simply to spread as much good music and art as we possibly can. We are always looking to connect with new people, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to get involved. You can message using the contact form here on the website. We can also be reached via Facebook, Twitter or SoundCloud. Thank you for reading and checking us out.