Miguel Rios

Rock 'n' roll

The Phantom Cowboys were formed in Norwich in 1994 and immediately defied easy categorisation with their unique mix of rockabilly, jazz, punk and sinister pop music. Throughout their career, the band has consisted of Lord Emsworth on the guitar and vocals, Rob on bass, Megz on guitar and The Serpent on drums. Their 1998 debut album, “Down and Out at The Club Cruella” was an instant cult favourite amongst fans of the sinister and stylish. It remains widely downloaded and played on Internet radio worldwide. Cult psychobilly fanzine Deathrow Database reviewed Club Cruella on it's release, saying: “The Phantom Cowboys have charm, style, irony and wit in their songs and of the 11 tracks here – all of which are Cowboy originals – I can’t find one I don’t like….Sarcasm, meets psycho[billy] with a touch of sophisticated smooth swing. As debut albums go, it’s one to be proud of.” The Phantom Cowboys reunited in Summer 2015, playing a reunion gig in their hometown of Norwich. Further dates followed, and in late 2016 the band released an EP entitled 'Dead Men's Clothes' on CD and 7" vinyl, consisting of four new original tracks, "The Hermit", "Rosemarie", "Dead Men's Clothes" & "Ghostwalk". The band promoted these with a number of gigs around the UK in 2017, including Bedlam Breakout Pychobilly Festival in Nottingham in March and their first headline gig in London at The Islington in August. The band continue to play and write new material - a new album is planned for 2019