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Sébastien Tellier -

Sébastien Tellier -

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Hinds - The Prettiest Curse

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The Jayhawks - XOXO

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Richard Walters - Golden Veins

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Luke Wright - Stand Up Poetry While Sitting Down at Home

The Unthanks - Diversions Vol. 5

A collection of songs recorded during the Unthanks tour last year, when they returned to their roots, singing unaccompanied and in harmony. More a miscellany of tunes than a curated collection, this is nonetheless what traditional folk music is all about - reflecting on hard times with both stoicism and good humour. It's a timely reminder of happier times, when folk congregated in big rooms and listened to other people singing.

Blithe Spirit

The Red Shoes

Geoff Norcott

John Shuttleworth’s Back

Independent Venues Week - Floral Image

Rambert 2

Drink Rum with Expats

I’m watching something meandering, discursive and episodic, but for all the seeming flakiness and chaos, it quickly becomes apparent that Louise and Rebecca are presenting a tightly choreographed duologue. What sets Sh!t Theatre apart, however, is a willingness to flip humour and horror back and forth – sometimes recklessly so. The maxim of not knowing whether to laugh or cry never seemed more apposite and the effect is unnerving and disorientating.

Hayley Ross – The Weight of Hope

Dial M for Murder

A hugely entertaining production that acknowledged its period charm, yet cleverly distinguished itself with a stylish shift to the louche, unbuttoned milieu of the swinging sixties. Anthony Banks’s jolly revival never took itself too seriously, yet delivered all the necessary ingredients. It was fun, wildly improbable, and tied everything up neatly at the end

Adrien Munden – The Truth is Weaponised

Dripping with melancholy, this is an astonishingly assured and mature work. In an age when we select rather than browse and skim rather than immerse, it’s such a pleasure to fall across an album of such substance.

Graham Fellows discusses his new show, John Shuttleworth’s Back

"Sometimes I have to check myself and think whether John would really say something. I worry that John might be a Daily Mail reader who supports Brexit – I don’t think he is, but sometimes it’s tricky to come down one side or the other..."

Boris + Arabrot

The music itself was full of stark, thunderous menace, counterpointed with moments of surprising delicacy. On occasion I was gobsmacked by the band’s symphonic ambitions; at other times I felt I was listening to little more than a cacophonous row.

Uriah Heep + Diamond Head

The evening inevitably finished on a rousing encore of Easy Livin’ (proving not that every song had to be tricky to be good) and the band grinning from ear to ear as they played. It only served to consolidate the abiding impression throughout, of the strong bond between the men on stage, delighted that they still got to do this for a living.

Glyndebourne - Rigoletto

After the sunshine and warmth of the previous night's 'L'elisir d'amore' the Glyndebourne Tour could not have provided more by way of contrast.

Glyndebourne - L'elisir d'AMORE pt. 1

Glyndebourne Tour in Norwich last night gave me the opportunity to immerse myself for two and a half hours in Italian operatic sunshine, whilst the rest of Norwich shivered in the dark and the cold outside.

Comet Is Coming + Leaftcutter John

Cinderella - Northern Ballet

Northern Ballet are always eagerly awaited visitors to the Theatre Royal, both for their full productions and for their wonderful child-friendly shows (they return in April 2020 with a special version of Little Red Riding Hood). We now have October 2020 to look forward to, and their return with an exciting new production – Merlin

The Amazons - Demob Happy - Mysterines

Guitar music is by no means dead. It has just been resting.

A Taste of Honey

It also says much for this production that a cocktail of an unmarried teenage pregnancy, gay friendships, mixed race relationships, alcoholism and unremitting poverty, could be presented with such defiant stoicism and good humour.

Kate Tempest

After taking their bows together, she and Clare Uchima leave the stage, and an audience that has just given them the biggest, most rapturous, ovation that I can ever remember hearing at the LCR.

Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons - King Creature was with some trepidation that I went along to see him play with his Bastard Sons, and I desperately wanted to like what I found.  What a pleasure it is, therefore, to report what a great band they are....

Trying it On

Why did so many of the Sgt Pepper generation turn their backs on revolution?

Acosta Danza- Evolution

The fluidity of the movement, together with the dancers' phenomenal strength and control, is breathtaking, and lead dancer Zeleydi Crespo has a powerful presence which has the entire audience spellbound

The Membranes + Other Half + Skint and Demoralised

The band was uniformly excellent....

Pizza Shop Heroes @ Stage 2 NTR

Pizza Shop Heroes is a significant and worthwhile attempt to explore the harsh realities of seeking asylum in the UK. It is episodic and uneven, but has a huge heart.

[UNIT] Reach The Moon

Reach The Moon, managed to achieve what many others have tried and failed to do – to recreate the excitement and overwhelming sense of achievement that emerged from that historic moment on July 20th, 1969

Hot Chip and Rosie Lowe

They may have been around for almost two decades, and may not have visited Norwich for a while but, judging by tonight's show, Hot Chip have certainly not gone off the boil.

Wild Paths Festival

Was Wild Paths 2019 a success? Well, you had better believe it. With its incredibly ambitious goals for a first year, booking a ridiculously rich array of artists and venues, but by galvanising a fantastic team of organisers and volunteers, somehow Ben Street had pulled it off – four days and nights of remarkable shows that reinforced Norwich's position on the musical map, and gave the city's music fans plenty to talk about for months to come. Thank you, Ben.


The gentlemen of Hawklords have long since been able to stand on their own feet, a comfortable distance from their Hawkwind association as they prolifically pump out freshly minted material that continues to impress

Emily Jane White - Immanent Fire

Thought-provoking, at times perhaps a little clichéd, but entirely relevant and altogether rather beautiful.

Acid mothers Temple - Our Quiet Friends

Acid Mother Temple are a quite extraordinary genre-defying ensemble of talented Japanese musicians that from the outset delivered  a wall of thunderous sound that was energising, uplifting and just a bit bonkers

Richard Hawley - Get Cape Wear Cape Fly

This was a precious evening of magnificent songwriting, professionalism and performance, all served up by one of Sheffield's finest.

Rambert's 2019 Tour

Rambert's visits to Norwich are always eagerly anticipated, and this programme of three very different yet thematically interconnected pieces, demonstrates Benoit Swan Pouffer's commitment to maintaining the company's proud reputation for taking risks....

Deepdale Festival

if you are looking for a friendly and extremely well-organised weekend that offers an eclectic mix of music that makes you want to dance, makes you want to cry, and sometimes just makes you go want to go 'wow!', then Deepdale is it

Kevin Kendall's Deep Skies Experience

Visit most of the various musical venues in Norwich, and I’ll warrant you will do so with a preconception of the kind of act you’re going to see. The exception is surely Epic Studios, frequently playing host to the eccentric and undefinable that doesn’t easily fit in anywhere else

My Kind of Michael

an evening of knockabout fun with a charming host that was warm and inclusive, but how frustrating that, with a just a little more work and attention to detail, we could have had so much more.

Galli - In The Roundhouse There's Hornets

This surely confirms them as one of the most innovative and original acts to emerge in 2019

Nerija - Blume

Exciting solo performances from each player demonstrate Nérija's collaborative ethic, and the breadth of individual talent within this scintillating project.

BABii - HiiDE

A brilliantly brave debut.

Anglia Square A Love Story

It is a journey that, over the course of two hours, and more than six centuries, tells the tale of two cities....As a result, I am more in love with this city than ever before. Anglia Square included.

The Mousetrap

Armstrong’s ensemble cast looked to be having enormous fun chattering their way through acres of exposition in clipped, received pronunciation, delivering their lines with exactly the right degree of knowing humour, without ever quite lapsing into parody

Solana + Nebula Sun

This was indeed an evening of wide-ranging musical delights, when the sun really did come out and shine

Sharon Van Etten

During the course of the evening we get a chance to hear each and every one of the album's ten track

Foals + Yak + Kiev

Al Murray - Pub Landlord

Al Murray - Pub Landlord

Educating Rita - Review

The Rutles

… the evening was always going to end too soon

10 Soldiers

This production left me wondering at my appraisal of the earlier work.

Claire Grogan of Altered Images

Back in the early 80's Altered Images were one of the biggest pop acts around, with three top 30 albums and six UK top 40 singles between 1981 and 1983. We talked to lead singer and songwriter Clare Grogan, and asked her about the band's initial success, and their continuing popularity more than 35 years after Happy Birthday was first released.

Rachel Podger and Brecon Baroque

Colin Currie Quartet (NNF)

The end came too soon, in an evening that had flown by

Bells and Spells (NNF)

Bells and Spells is an episodic, hallucinogenic journey through increasingly loopy vignettes drawn from Chaplin’s weird and wonderful imagination.

Tenebrae (NNF 19)

Stunning soloists, extraordinary harmonies, and flawless execution were evident throughout a performance

Wild Longings

Jess Gillam

What proved consistent throughout the evening was Gillam’s infectious enthusiasm and commitment to her instrument and the eclectic pieces she had chosen to play, something that shone through her brief chats with the audience

The Showhawk Duo

Lisa Hannigan with Stargaze – Live In Dublin

Hannigan's typically sparse and ethereal folk compositions into a sonic panorama that is nothing short of alchemic.

Alexander Carson Album Launch

Tracks like Ghosts and Lovers ably demonstrate what a beautiful album Ellipsism has turned out to be

Jesse Mac Cormack - Now

Jesse Mac Cormack's album debut arrives as a work of scorching atmosphere, panoramic tumbling melodies and vast lyrical spaces


The resultant 60 minute show is a kaleidoscopic and psychedelic delight from start to end.

Andrew Maxwell. Showtime

Shashamané Recommends... Lisa Redford and Galli

The Good, The Bad, and The Queen

Whichever route (musical choices, age, or whatever) brought us here, we were all to experience to one of the most moving and stirring musical evenings that I have attended at the UEA.

The Slow Readers Club

The Slow Readers Club may have cornered the Indie electro doom pop market, such as it is, but they’ve been clearly influenced by some of the finest acts of the last century, mixing up a cocktail of sounds in a way that is both discriminating and imaginative.

Ioanna Gika - Thalassa

Roseate, is undoubtedly the strongest track of the entire album, a powerful mission statement that begins with harp and ethereal vocals and builds to a surging conclusion, complete with pounding drum machine, synth and strings.

Swan Lake

It proved to be as stunning and breath taking as ever, confounding the prejudices of anyone (not least me) who thinks ballet simply isn’t for them.


this music contains brilliantly crafted slices of wit and irony set out to debunk male toxicity, xenophobia and anti-matriarchy

Rough Crossing

Stoppard’s text constantly reminds us that this is a play about a play, poking fun at theatrical convention, making a virtue of its shortcomings, and openly taking the mickey out of anyone investing too much energy into proselytising art

Hayseed Dixie

A stunning set of imaginative rearrangements, which combined with a healthy sprinkling of their own composition, stretched for over two hours.

The House on Cold Hill

...from the outset, a jolly thrill ride that takes full advantage of the possibilities of live theatre, presenting a classic haunted house story with a combination of impressive stage trickery and winning performances

Skinny Lister – The Story Is...

All in all, another noteworthy collection

Molly Tuttle – When You're Ready

When You're Ready emerges as one of the most impressive and accessible of debut albums

Nic Norton and The County Band – Last Orders

Norwich's Nic Norton returns with another engaging and original collection

Caroline's Kitchen

The chemistry between Elizabeth Boag’s convincingly drunk Sally and Alan Gillett’s character lifted the production just when it needed it


I know reviews are not supposed to be lists, but when the first five songs are Wall Street Shuffle, Art for Art’s Sake, Life is a Minestrone, Good Morning Judge and The Dean I, it warrants a special mention

The Life I Lead – Miles Jupp

Miles Jupp’s achievement, in bringing to life an actor known for only a handful of roles, and doing so in a way that was utterly engrossing and a complete delight, was surely all the more remarkable given the relative obscurity of his subject

Richard Alston Dance Company

its relentless pace grips and holds right until the very final spin.

Liveline Feb/March 2019

Hajk - Drama

tale of two lovers on the precipice of break-up

Fun Loving' Criminals

Tonight, Huey Morgan is definitely 'the man', and Fun Lovin' Criminals do what they do best – leave their audience hungry for more

Lost Voice Guy

His opening salvo is a warning that if I don’t laugh at the disabled guy I will go to hell

Rambert 2

Top marks to the Norwich Playhouse for hosting this debut visit from Rambert 2. The scale of the venue, and the fantastic sound, made this a perfect evening

Romeo and Juliet

Erica Whyman had decided on a contemporary transfer for this 400 year old tale of family feuding, love at first sight, and crossed star destiny, but it is a darker, starker version of the classic.....

Gyða Valtysdóttir - Epicycle

What is so inspiring about Valtýsdottir is her ability to take other peoples music as merely the starting point for what she creates


The Neutrinos

Graham Fellows

Susanna & The Brotherhood of Our Lady Album - Garden of Earthly Delights

A musical interpretation of Hieronymus Bosch's fifteenth century triptych panels sounds like the kind of recorded oddity that emerges from a crate digging session at the local vinyl fair, rather than a contemporary electronic folk-jazz release.

Bayonne - Drastic Measures

Drastic Measures emerges from the new wave of composer-musician-producers...

Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel

'True musicians do not have a choice', he muses, 'we just have to keep on writing and performing. It is what we do'. Well evidenced at this gig

Andrew O'Neill's Black Magick Fun Hour

A Christmas Carol

An imaginative sixty minute show created around Dickens' iconic 1843 work,

From The Jam + Nine Below Zero

Miles Kane

Even before the house lights dimmed the crowd had started up a chant of 'Miles, Miles - Miles Fucking Kane'

Gilmore & Roberts

Their voices fit together perfectly  and are also comfortable taking lead, usually on their own compositions. But when you listen to the lyrics of each song you realise that the inspiration often comes from a very specific source.....

Jessie J

Whether you are a fan of Jessie or not remains a matter of individual taste, but from what I saw and heard tonight the new material deserves a serious listen – her voice is strong and confident, and the songs are a million miles away from the frothy pop of 2011


Soft Machine

When a band that originally formed in 1966 changes its name four times......Yet I really should not be worried

Camille O'Sullivan

Deacon Blue

The band are currently on a celebratory tour of the UK, and Sunday night at the Theatre Royal was their first visit to Norwich since playing here in 2013.

Dr. Feelgood + British Blues Foundation

Curved Air

Curved Air at The Waterfront

Glyndebourne Cinderella comes to Norwich

Pancrazi is wonderful as Prince Charming, and her parallel appearance as a maid and confidante to Cinderella in Pandolfe's household suggests a dimension of gender fluidity, adding yet another layer of duality, metamorphosis and contrast to the production

Tilting Sky

Johnny Marr

I never got to see The Smiths perform live, and Johnny Marr had packed up his guitar and left The Cribs by the time they played Latitude in 2011, so this gig at the Nick Rayns LCR was to be my first up-close encounter with the legendary guitarist

Rich Hall


Norwich with yet another – Wanderlust - which he showcased at the Norwich Arts Centre on the opening night of his latest tour.

The Velveteers

It started the previous night, when someone suggested that I really ought to check out The Velveteers at Bermuda Bob's Rum Shack. 'They're a bit like The White Stripes', they explained, before adding cryptically, 'But then, they're not'. I'm intrigued, but could actually do with that night in. I file the suggestion under 'poss, but probs not'.


I am unsure how the name of Eivør Pálsdóttirremained underneath my radar for quite so long


Glenn Tillbrook

Editors + Talos

Julia Holter - Aviary

Kagoule - Strange Entertainment

Kramies - Of All the Places Been & Everything the End

Kirsty Merryn + Hanna Haas

Jorja Smith

Still Alice

Mark Watson: The Infinite Show

The Vagaband Orchestra in aid of Sistema

Molotov Jukebox + Huw Eddy & The Carnival

Neneh Cherry - Broken Politics

Exploded View - Obey

Justice - Woman Worldwide

Villagers - The Art Of Pretending To Swim

Ray Davies - Our Country

Anna Calvi - Hunter

Gig In The Park, Diss

Dysney Disfunction

Love From A Stranger

WoW Music Festival 2018

The Oli Brown Band

Lost in a Sea of Glass and Tin

Peter And The Test Tube Babies

Rival Consoles

Finn Doherty - The Choice That You Made

David Ford & Beth Rowley

Matt Maltese - Bad Contestant

Falling From Trees - Sleepless Nights EP

Nic Norton and the County Band - Brief Lives

The Orb - No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds

Ben Folds

Kathryn Tickell and The Darkening

Kerry Devine

Hofesh Shechter’s Grand Finale

1549 - The Story Of Kett's Rebellion

The Sixteen: An Immortal Legacy

Talvin Singh

David McAlmont presents 'Billie Holiday At Carnegie Hall'

The Nature Of Forgetting

Grapevine at the Guildhall

The Wilko Johnson Band

Nerina Pallot

Kele Okereke


Czech Symphony National Orchestra

How (not) To Live In Suburbia

Portico Quartet

Aphra EP Launch

Nerina Pallot

Luke Wright - Frankie Vah

The Audit

Carry On Jaywick

Sarah Darling

Luke Daniels, Phil King and Lucy Grubb


Editors - Violence

U.S Girls - In A Poem Unlimited

Mark Thomas: Showtime From The Frontline

Grapevine Triple Bill

Open House 4

Boris and Sergey's Vaudevillian Adventure

Grapevine Triple Bill

The Xcerts - Hold On To Your Heart

John Otway

Thomas Truax - All That Heaven Allows

Late Nights / Early Mornings. An Outline

An Outline of Late Nights / Early Mornings

BBC Radio Three: Exposure

Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy


Sweet Baboo

Mammal Hands

Paddington II



Oh Wonder

Reverend Billy & the Stop Shopping Choir

Millie Manders and the Shut-Up



Beth Rowley

Goodbye Christopher Robin

Show Of Hands

Belinda Carlisle

The Revelation Brothers

Clive Gregson & Liz Simcock -Underwater Dancing

Edgelarks - Edgelarks

Jess Glynne

The howtocuredyslexiaband - Teeth

Anna Of The North - Lovers

The Gunton Festival of Food And Music

The Dead Rat Orchestra - Tyburnia

Camille - Oui

Border Control

Clean Bandit

Come Yew In!


Kathryn Williams - Songs From The Novel: Greatest Hits

PIXX - The Age Of Anxiety

Saint Etienne - Home Counties


Meadowlark - Postcards

Speech Debelle - tantil before I breathe

Echobelly - Anarchy and Alchemy

Sunny Afternoon

The Big Moon - Love In The 4th Dimension

Jesca Hoop

Bourgeois and Maurice

Tall Ships - Impressions

John Shuttleworth

Ruby Wax



Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Whitney - Queen Of The Night

C Duncan


Matt Watson

Rebekka Karijord - Mother Tongue

Open House 1

Odd Box presents Lake Combover and more..

SJ and the Flying Pigs

Dutch Uncles - Red Balloon

Seth Lakeman


Big Country


The Fratellis

Scott Matthews & Kathryn Williams

Bear's Den

Rope Store - Never Had Christmas 7"

Lloyd Cole

Alpines - Another River

We Are Scientists

Agnes Obel - Citizen Of Glass

The Divine Comedy

All Saints

Mogwai's Young Team and Stuart Braithwaite

Norwich Sound & Vision 2016


Ward Thomas

Goo Goo Dolls


Rope Store - Up Until Now

Kate Jackson

The Divine Comedy - Foreverland

Molly Naylor - Badminton

C Duncan - The Midnight Sun

Joan Collins Unscripted

Sonic Youths Autumn Showcase @ NAC

Four young local acts impress.

Class of 2016

Sonic Youths Autumn Showcase 2016

Class of 2016 @ NAC

Good luck to you all.

Abigail Blake - Birdcage EP


Sea + Air @ The Bicycle Shop


Izzy Bizu - A Moment Of Madness

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - After The Rain

The Ramona Flowers - Part Time Spies


The Tilting Sky Takeover @ the Waterfront

Every one of these bands I could go and enjoy live again

Ed Harcourt - Furnaces

Lisa Hannigan - At Swim

Bat For Lashes - The Bride


Ketts Rebellion 1549 @ Heigham Park

An enthralling and illuminating spectacle.

The Slambovian Circus of Dreams @ the Waterfront

One Slambovian hell of an evening

Olympians - Reasons To Be Tearful


Nahko and Medicine For The People - Hoka


Coasts @ Open

A calculated crescendo

Jess Morgan @ the Maddermarket

One of the country's finest young folk singers.

Selah Sue - Reason


Frances @ Norwich Arts Centre

A big star in the making.

Kathryn Williams @ the Bicycle Shop

The audience is totally enraptured with each song

A Midsummer Night's Dream @ Theatre Royal

An evening of absolute professionalism.

onDeadWaves - onDeadWaves


C Duncan @ Norwich Arts Centre

The vocal harmonies are gorgeous

The Cut III @ Open

A musical Venn diagram,

Lisa Redford - Another Place and Time EP


Catnip & Claws @ The Murderers

The weekend has most certainly landed.

The Coathangers - Nosebleed Weekend


Eliza and the Bear - Eliza and the Bear


Joe Gideon @ Jug Jaws @ Bedford's

An underground vibe in ancient vaults.

Emmy the Great @ NAC

I am definitely on board.

Simon Callow @ Norwich Playhouse

An engaging and informative evening

Joe Gideon - Versa Vice


She Drew The Gun - Memories Of The Future


The Ramonas @ The Owl Sanctuary

A quasi-religious experience

Dog's Dinner - Stalker Thoughts


The Birthday Party @ Norwich Playhouse

A perfectly-pitched production

The Magic E's @ the Waterfront Studio

Get to know your local music scene

Matt Corby - Telluric


Elton John - Wonderful Crazy Night


The Crookes @ the Waterfront

Big up support Misty Miller.

Lucy Rose @ Open

We are, once again, helplessly won over.

Christine and the Queens - Chaleur Humaine


Steve Mason – Meet The Humans


Miss Nightingale @ Norwich Playhouse

Get a bit of sausage when you can

Eliza and the Bear @ the Waterfront Studio

We all by now know that there is neither an Eliza nor a Bear in Eliza And The Bear.

Lindi Ortega @ NAC

This is never going to quite float my boat

Addison's Uncle fundraising night

A triumph.

Field Music - Commontime


Gaz Coombes @ Open

Gaz Coombes is no stranger to Norfolk

Rope Store @ B2

I really love this band to bits

Stephanie Kirkham - Tiny Spark


Eska @ NAC

Not bad at all, Eska

Megson @ NAC

Contemporary folk in all its domestic glory

Tuff Love - Resort


Rob Bravery - Esque


Ellie Goulding -Delirium


Martin Courtney - Many Moons


Eliza Carthy @ Open

The performance is definitely on a grand scale, with so many individual talents on display

Palma Violets @ The Owl Sanctuary

You see? Norwich does know how to have a good time.

Lesley Garrett @ the Maddermarket

A thoroughly entertaining, impressive and thought-provoking evening

NS&V @ Millennium Library

A truly inspirational idea from NS&V and the library management

BN Deluxe - This Machine


U.S Girls - Half Free


Oh Wonder - Oh Wonder


#360kickflip @ Eaton Park Skate Park

BK & Dad, Midnight Zoo & Claws play live

Stacey Kent @The Playhouse

A warm and superbly talented performance

Sean Hughes @ Norwich Playhouse

Let me laugh with you, Sean, not at you or at others.

Deaf School @ the Waterfront Studio

Forty years later, again they leave us wanting more.

Stereophonics - Keep The Village Alive


Ryley Walker @ Norwich Arts Centre

Compelling to watch, and to hear.

Dave McCabe and the Ramifications - Church of Miami


DRINKS - Hermits On Holiday


The Bohicas - The Making Of



A banging good family musical with a great cast and unforgettable songs

Kim Churchill - Silence/Win


Nicholas Godin - Contrepoint


Augustines @ The Waterfront

"An arena performance but with the intimacy of a private audience"

Wildflowers - On The Inside


The Wedding Present @ The Waterfront

The Boy Gedge's two bands play Norwich

Dreadzone - Sound


Jacqui Dankworth @ Maddermarket, Norwich

The second half appears to kick off with a new-found synergy

Gigspanner @ Norwich Arts Centre

Tonight Gigspanner spun the world thrice over.

Danny and the Champions of the World - What Kind Of Love


Kathryn Wiliams - Hypoxia

A tour-de force

Sundowners - Sundowners

As sure as night follows day we need bands like The Sundowners.

Nadine Shah - Fast Food

A veritable smorgasbord of reflection and projection

Julian Cope

Saint Julian takes to the Waterfront

Barbarossa - Imager

A beautiful and sensitive album that is a lot more uplifting than you might first expect

I Am Kloot - Hold Back The Night

Banging job.

Amber Run - 5 AM

An ambitious album of pretty average songs.

Addison's Uncle

Addison's Uncle play on Norwich Market

This is the Kit

This is the Kit delight NAC once again

Stornoway - Bonxie

This is indie-folk for the Waitrose generation.

Yila and Friends @ NAC

Totally engaging, beautiful and thought-provoking.

Champs - Vamala

Pick yourselves up, Champs, and try again.

Peace @ Epic

A triumph for Peace

Public Service Broadcasting - The Race for Space

Like eating jam roly-poly without the custard.

Kitty, Daisy and Lewis - Kitty, Daisy and Lewis III

A crowning glory.

Gaz Coombes - Matador

Gorgeous, masterful, confessional, and uplifting.

Submotion Orchestra

Spotlights carve across the stage like a lighthouse on a misty night.

Daisy Victoria - Nobody Dies EP

A truly complex talent whose fame is already set to spread beyond our Norfolk borders.