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The Stereophonics

The Stereophonics

It’s funny y’know, as the film industry looks to highlight the careers of Freddie Mercury in ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and Elton John in ‘Rocketman’, I measure that no-one will ever be making a film about Kelly Jones. With 6 number one albums (only one fewer than Queen), a legacy of searingly honest songs in his catalogue, an accomplished guitar and piano player, I feel like we’ve witnessed one of the bastions of British music tonight. But Hollywood need not call – there’s 9000 of us in a forest in Suffolk that already know it.

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Chilly Gonzales (NNF) of the greatest acts i’ve ever seen in my journalistic career, do not miss a chance to see this consummate entertainer, Gonzales, C.

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Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

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Welles Live Gig Review Waterfront Jan 2018

Lord Rosebery

Late Nights / Early Mornings. An Outline

An Outline of Late Nights / Early Mornings

Laura Mvula @ the Waterfront

She embodied her neo-soul heritage

The Grosvenor


Young Fathers @ Norwich Arts Centre

In short: they deliver.

Major Lazer - Peace is the Mission


The Reindeer

T-Bone Tuesday!

Big Eat Out - Wig and Pen

Why wouldn’t you?

Big Eat Out - Lust & Liquor

"A smart choice for food with mates, or an informal date."

The Staves - If I Was

Exquisitely sung indie folk harmonies with added new brainpower

Duke Special - Look Out Machines

This is altogether more personal, dreamlike and surprising.

42 King Street

Oh wait, what? It’s Valentine’s Day coming up…?

Big Eat Out - The Rumsey Wells

Good, hearty tucker

Big Eat Out - The Vine

They’ve just introduced a phenomenal Mon-Thurs £10 curry and pint deal

Bestival 2014

Bestival’s huge, huge disco ball was a shining beacon of this year’s theme.

Big Eat Out - Bill's Restaurant

Bill’s wants to welcome you in. I mean, really welcome.

Voodoo Daddy's Pizza // Food review

BBQ Eastwood/Crouching Tiger Hidden Chilli

Interview with MNEK

There are two possible outcomes when you start your musical career at the fresh-faced age of 14...

Bourgeois & Maurice - 7th Birthday // The Spiegeltent, NNF2014, 23.05.14

We'd been lured down their hedonistic path with melody and dancing, like Peter Piper leading us headfirst into the middle of a Vice magazine double spread.

Roots Bistro // Food Review

Like fast-forwarding through a montage of Great British Menu, they reference local in everything they do.

Wok & Go // Food Review

It was so jam-packed with meaty seafood that I thought there’d been a natural disaster and half of Lowestoft had washed ashore into my food box.

Wild Thyme // Food Review

A shot in the arm for every veggie who’s suffered bland risottos while out to dinner with their friends.

Dray Yard Smokehouse // Food Review

I’m not trying to blow (hickory) smoke up their arses, but aside from the toothpicks, there really isn’t much to say against Dray Yard Smokehouse.

Zaks Riverside // Food Review

The message has clearly been passed through the generations that you’ll get some decent tucker here.

Interview with Courtney Barnett

I didn’t even sing in front of anyone until I was 19, I think. I hated it, I was scared to sing; it’s a vulnerable thing, you know.

Interview with Dave Okumu

Our primary reason for [The Invisible’s] existence is really to get Leo to go on Masterchef!

Ed's Diner - Chapelfield // Food Review

A special note has to go to the brilliant staff, who seem to be swept up with the American Dream as much as the diner itself.

Harbercue Smokehouse // Food Review

Slathered with Harbercue’s own selection of barbecue and hot sauces, it was meatopia. That’s a new word. You can have it.

Hot Chip // Food Review

Cooked in rapeseed oil, a ‘good fats’-rich equivalent, it’s like the Hot Chip chips have been encased in the golden fields of Norfolk and heated to a crisp.

Future of the Left // How to Stop Your Brain in an Accident

The whole album is totally unafraid of pace and on this one, melody is used to highlight, not simplify. Stormin’.

Walnut Tree Shades // Food Review

You’ve got two honest-to-goodness spaces – the Bar and the upstairs Diner – to satisfy the mightiest of hungers right in the city centre.

Iron House // Food Review

I’ve made such bold claims before as to say this is my favourite restaurant in the city – will it prove me right tonight?

Midlake // Antiphon

‘Antiphon’ takes them back to their roots. They sound more American, more classic and there’s a feeling you’ve known the songs for years. ‘Antiphon’ is a perfect assertion to start with.

Warpaint // Warpaint

However, they sleepwalk through the majority of the album, meaning listening to it in its entirety makes you feel like you’ve taken a tranque dart to the neck.

The Maddermarket Kitchen // Food Review

There’s thought, there’s consideration and that’s easy to palate.

Wild Beasts // Present Tense

Nice yes, but we find ourselves looking for an “Eat Me. Drink Me” to take the adventure on a different direction.

Little Dragon // Nabuma Rubberband

Little Dragon are back, so ring the bell: it’s [press] play-time.

Interview with Bad Rabbits

There is a lot of on-stage buffoonery that keeps everything light-hearted and fun at our shows.

Grace Jones // Nightclubbing (Island Records)

Grace Jones eschewed the expectations of her colour by hoovering up the rock, art-pop and new wave palettes like cheap cocaine

Interview with Micah P Hinson

"If you can move the tips of your fingers” - I mean really Kill Bill that shit – “get the fuck out of there.” Micah opens up about his life-evaluating crash.

Interview with Boy George

"For me, I’m a Gemini, so there’s always two people. I’ve always had really conflicting tastes and ideas about things and I just feel kinda lucky to do all the different things that I do."

Interview with We Are Scientists

‘Return the Favour’s like that though; you think you’re just easing into a nice nap situation, then blast off! You’re headed to the fuckin’ moon.

Interview with Nick Mulvey

Some of the songs I wrote can be a bit like, ‘check out my metaphors!’ I’m growing out of that though, you know!

Interview with Joan as Police Woman

It’s so easy to be negative and it’s so easy to hide in a place of fatalism and how boring is that?

Interview with Young Fathers

If someone's playing wi' a bit of anger in them 'cause someone's pissed them off, you can see it and you can feel it.

Interview with Ducking Punches

"For me they are both inseparable art forms; I get influenced to illustrate by bands and vice versa." - Dan Allen on his music and art

Interview with Haim

The Pyramid Stage is just the most epic stage and I couldn't believe they'd even let me stand side-stage, never mind fucking play on the stage!

Interview with Paul Daniels

"I will cheer and yell for the right to free speech, providing it's telling the truth." - Outline's Emma chats to Paul Daniels.

Interview with Lene Lovich

I just saw clothes and making music and art all part of the whole way of expression. It's very important and it's not hurting anyone, so why not?

Interview with Slipmatt

We used to go out on the piss loads after gigs; ruined a few hotel rooms and stuff!

Interview wtih MS MR

Ultimately we just made music that we both really loved; the fact that people are connecting with it is just amazing.

Interview with London Grammar

Sometimes at gigs, me, Dan and Dot will be cracking a few jokes on stage and I think people are quite surprised.

Interview with Gnarwolves

I honestly couldn’t care less about hipsters. Having your taste chosen by the lack of popularity something has seems fairly pointless.

Interview with Goo Goo Dolls

"Obviously there’s the standard things that tear most bands apart – egos, money and women - but none of things has seemed to bother us" - Robby Tukak on what's kept Goo Goo Dolls strong

Interview with Drenge

"My friends are in bands who are 25 and 26 are much more interesting and articulated, and do less immature stuff than we do!" - Eoin Loveless talks to Outline

Interview with Ghostpoet

"I don’t look at things in the sense of chart positions, or being A-list on the playlist, I just kind of make music and if people like it, they like it..." - Ghostpoet talks to Outline ahead of his NS&V gig

Interview with Kate Nash

I’ve been burnt – not just from having laser surgery but in life too, and I think it’s really important to not get bitter.

Interview with Craig Charles

It's nice to get a young crowd. I'd hate turn around and look at the crowd and see all middle-aged men like me. Boogieing like it was back in the day.

Interview with Wire

Pre-designing the music you're gonna make by the set of influences you have is a deathly awful idea. I think the best music that's made now is made in spite of that - just throw away the fucking book.

Interview with Babyshambles

I think seeing us do these songs live is pretty crucial if you want to get the full, 360-degree, panoramic view of the songs - how they live and breathe

Tegan & Sara // Hearthrob

The songs aren’t as personal as previous efforts.

Rilo Kiley // Rkives

The album is a good mix of country infused melancholy melody and alt indie epics.

Savages // Silence Yourself

This is the most vital, essential, urgent music I’ve heard in a long time.

Stereophonics // Graffiti On A Train

This is so much an album they wanted to make, not explorations of a blueprint set out for them, and it makes an interesting listen.

Drenge // Drenge

I like to imagine Tom Watson throwing an absolute shit fit in his local constituency office.

Acid Washed // House of Melancholy

Hold on to your harem pants and take tight hold of the ever-shrinking edges of your crop top.

Pet Shop Boys // Electric (x2)

The group seemed to inhabit this kinda subverted sleaziness.

Disclosure // Settle

Man, these boys make me want to buy a Citroen Saxo and drive it endlessly round the inner sanctum of the City Walls.

Interview with Ria Ritchie

"Pack your stuff and we’ll go.’ So I packed my whole life in his car and just drove home that night!"

Alan Partridge // Alpha Papa

When Norwich goes crazy, it goes full-on bat shit.

Interview with Steve Gullick

"Above all you need to be tenacious and focused.”

Interview with Friends

"Nothing is destructive. Ever. Everything is evolutionary. It’s music, you know, it’s not actually like a marriage."

Interview with Alt-J 2013

"Gus ended up going back to Ted Danson’s house for some Prosecco! He became aware that Ted Danson was aware of alt-J and he likes the album!"

Pinocchio's Restaurant // Food Review

Pinocchio’s’ relationship to the ‘family’ of Raffles Restaurants is actually more of the attractive Italian figure who’s related by marriage

The Pigs, Edgefield // Food Review

"For once I wasn’t primitively searching for a potato..." - Emma's satisfied sans spud at The Pigs, Edgefield.

Revolucion de Cuba // Food Review

"Jalapeño poppers sounded like ingesting a mild nitrate in a Spanish disco." - Emma gives Rev de Cuba's food a whirl

The Mulberry // Food Review

"This cheesecake was like an interactive installation piece." - Emma reviews the Golden Triangle's The Mulberry.

Interview with Local Natives

"I do remember that night [at NAC]; I burnt my hand on a flaming sambucca shot and had this ring on my hand for like, two weeks!" - Kelcey reminiscing about his last Norwich jaunt.

Filthy Dukes // Nonsense In The Dark

Filthy Dukes - Nonsense In The Dark

Nickel Eye // Time Of The Assassins

Nickel Eye - Time of the Assassins

The Rifles // Great Escape

The Rifles – Great Escape

Woodkid // NNF2013, Theatre Royal - 13.05.13

Famous for his video direction, it becomes clear he’s sitting at the director’s chair tonight as well.

Deadmau5 // At Play

Deadmau5 – At Play

Gorillaz // Plastic Beach

Gorillaz - Plastic Beach

Ellie Goulding // Lights

Ellie Goulding - Lights.

Midlake // The Courage Of Others

Midlake - The Courage of Others.

Winter Mountain Band // The Birdcage - 28.04.10

Winter Mountain at The Birdcage.

Interview with John Grant

"Who knows why some people are given the gift of perspective when it seems too late and some don’t and are lost?" - Outline interviews John Grant ahead of his NNF appearance

Woodkid // Feature

"When I started playing my own music, I wanted it to be as tall as a skyscraper. Images can achieve that." - Outline's feature on NNF star, Woodkid.

Interview with Public Service Broadcasting

"It’s a bit like handing someone your dirty washing and seeing what they’ll do with it!" - Outline interviews J. Willgoose

Interview with Public Enemy

"We’re the Rolling Stones of the rap game..." - Chuck D talks to Emma from Outline

Interview with Darwin Deez

I had no idea what the songs were about… maybe if I was older, I’d know if they were doing the subtle drug or sexual references.

Interview with The Staves

We’re just normal people; we didn’t grow up on a farm, singing on the porch or anything like that!

Interview with British Sea Power

"You can smoke your chongo mongo, drink your cider, eat your chips and then go home." - British Sea Power on the allure of festivals.

Interview with Simon McBride

In the case of Van Morrison, the man is a songwriting mountain. I have a lot of work to do to match him.

The Joy Formidable // Wolf’s Law

It’s a visceral blast; a great snap and tear from a wolf’s jaw – raw, and bloody, and inciting overwhelming emotion.

Interview with Jess Morgan

As much as I love a good episode of Glee now and then, it does infuriate me how rarely you see a girl pick up an instrument. Either way I think Sue Sylvester needs to get on the case.

Interview with Foals - March 13

I’d love to say that we went to some amazing place in Africa and heard this particular rhythm, but it doesn’t work as specifically as that, you know what I mean?!

Interview with Skunk Anansie - March 13

Not too shabby, no, but I did get held up at gunpoint though!

Interview with Johnny Marr

I was there a couple of years ago, 2010 maybe and it was a fun time. There’s a good record shop in Norwich too, isn’t there?

Carluccio's // Food Review

"It was one of the nicest pasta dishes I’ve ever had; grated courgette, fried spinach balls, a gleaming vat full of garlicky butter."

Interview with Peace

"Everyone we told that we’d signed to Colombia was like, ‘what? That’s so ridiculous!’ It just makes no sense!" - Harrison Koisser talks about their journey to the major label

Interview with Pure Love

"Musically speaking, the songs have a very "big" sound to them and we felt that title fit perfectly." - Jim on the album title, 'Anthems'.

Interview with Funeral for a Friend

There’s been some crazy things at our shows and that’s what keeps it fresh for us, I mean, we’ve had human jenga!

Interview with Everything Everything

"Top ten is people like Rihanna and we thought, ‘that’s pretty nuts’, you know, sitting there amongst all that..." - Jonathan describes his surprise at 'Arc' going Top Ten

The Rose Tavern // Food Review

The toad was cradled by some creamy buttery mash, and the whole thing was swimming in gravy, just as the Gods of British cuisine would have it.

Speck Mountain // Badwater

This is an even sheet of dream pop; let it drift over you as you dirft away.

Interview with Raevennan Husbandes

"I feel like I’m in a completely different ball game now. I’m playing with the big boys now! It’s bit scary, a bit overwhelming!" - Raevennan on life after her NBT win.

Interview with The Joy Formidable 2013

"You know, we lost a few people on making this album, and that’s definitely crept in quite a bit." - Rhydian shares some insight into the making of 'Wolf's Law'

Interview with Blood Red Shoes

"I felt like it was kinda directionless, like, that’s the line in the song, ‘we’re not fighting to be heard, we just wanna watch it burn’." - Stephen relates the London riots to 'Lost Kids'.

Mad Moose // Food Review

"...their proficiency tackling modern British and then Asian cuisine. Turns out they have two very strong suits, acing both." - Emma reviews the food at the Mad Moose pub.

The Golden Star // Food Review

Interview with The Human League

"Because we weren’t too way out there, other girls could relate to us. We are down to earth, we are Northern; people could dress like we did." - Joanne Catherall talks to Emma about the role of THL girls...

Interview with Squeeze

"With a beard, people tend to spur all their hatred onto it, and tell you straight away what an idiot you look." - Glenn Tilbrook talks to Emma about his recent clean-shaven look...

Interview with Beth Orton

I’ve never lost my roots. It’s my place of choice to come and see my friends and also just the landscape as much as anything.

The Garden House // Food Review

It was imaginative with an endless combo of meats and dry rubs; and hallelujah, it’s unique in Norwich.

Giraffe // Food Review

Plenty of smiling diners must mean the view from Giraffe height looks pretty swell...

20 St John's, Norwich // Food Review

Experience fine dining in ultimate high-def, smell it and even taste it in this completely non-pretentious gem of a dining room...

Interview with Cold Specks

"As you can tell from the video, I’m absolutely terrified! There’s a lot of twiddling of the thumbs and a couple of visible shakes!" - Al talks about her landmark performance on Later... with Jools.

Interview with Bat for Lashes

"I discovered that Natasha Khan is a lot more complex and rich, as a person, than just being this mystical, sad person." - Bat for Lashes talks to Outline about her own character...

Le Théatre de Décadence // Maddermarket Theatre, 26.09.12

Each subtle flex and pop of her garment-removing burlesque routines caused a mirrored thump in our arteries. - Emma reviews Le Théatre de Décadence.

Interview with Emily Portman

We often get a lot of really attentive, listening audiences, which is lovely, but sometimes we have to ask for the lights to be turned up so we know that they’re still there!

Interview with Submotion Orchestra

"The live show that we bring is a lot more ballsy than the albums, I think." - Tommy Evans talks to Outline ahead of their gig...

Interview with Richard Hawley

For anyone to think that it’s OK to revert back to a pre-NHS state is a fucking moron.

Interview with Seth Lakeman

When we went to Libya, I was inspired by the rhythms and a song that I wrote about 2 or 3 years ago called ‘Blood Red Sky’.

Interview with Ms Dynamite

She’s managed to cherry-pick her projects with enough credibility and dancefloor impact that her own return has been hugely anticipated.

The Reindeer, Norwich // Food Review

The Reindeer gently coerces you to jump slightly left of your comfort zone, and expectations of pub grub – all for the better...

Loch Fyne, Norwich // Food Review

Dive right in to seafood of fantastic quality, from sustainable sources and wonder why you would ever miss meat.

The Flaming Lips // The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends

"How did the conversation with Ke$ha even come about?! A casual chat over a goblet of blood?"

Interview with Sam Kelly

"I’ve actually been quite ill; for the week after BGT, my body was left just sort of catching up with what was going on" - Sam Kelly on the physical damage that comes as a result of entering a nationwide talent show...

Interview with Beth Jeans Houghton

"Yes, stupidly I did think that I’d exorcised them and then I realised that I had to tour them for like a year" - Beth Jeans Houghton on the difficulty of playing songs that are of an emotional nature...

Interview with Poliça

"I just wanted to; it wasn’t like I was trying to change something or hide something" - Channy justifies Poliça's heavy use of autotuned vocals...

Interview with Caxton Press

"If we weren’t doing music we'd still be as pissed off about the state of affairs in this country, but we naturally convert thoughts and feelings into words when we write." - MC Manage on Caxton Press' mantra...

Levellers // Static On The Airwaves

“‘Static on the Airwaves’ makes no hesitation at ripping the plaster off an ailing Britain…”

The Temper Trap // The Temper Trap

"If this album is ‘them’, they are confident, flexible, dramatic and sensitive all at the same time"

Interview with Edward Sharpe

"Oh boy, I guess like a living room with some food and maybe some wine, a nice stereo system, maybe even listening on vinyl or something would be the nice thing to me" - Alex Ebert on how to listen to Edward Sharpe record 'Home'...

Interview with Gilles Peterson

" I couldn’t have found a better home really, anywhere in the world. I feel very, very fortunate to have got myself a slot on there" - Gilles talking about his show for 6Music...

Interview with Amy Lame

"I have the worst birthday in the entire world. It’s the 3rd January, which means everyone’s skint, everyone’s breaking into not eating, drinking or smoking and none of your friends want to celebrate" - Amy Lame's unhappy birthday...

Bob Log III // NNF2012, The Spiegeltent - 21.05.2012

"Like a true pie-eyed piper, the crowd slowly start delivering liquor-based appreciation to the stage..." - Bob conjures a generous spirit as Emma finds out.

Bourgeois and Maurice // NNF2012, The Spiegeltent - 11.05.12

From start to finish, the show was naughty and delicious. Which are about the only dietary requirements for a Friday night, don’t you think? - Emma reviews the late-night Spiegeltent show...

Interview with Bob Log III

"So many things try to tell ladies to look their best all the time, TV commercials use ladies’ bodies to try to sell me spaghetti, or carpet, and I got sick of it." - Bob's reaction to the idea of objectification...

Interview with The Handsome Family

"I always take a turquoise ring with me to remind myself of the amazing blue skies of home. Also I could probably trade the ring for a scotch egg if things got rough." - Rennie Sparks on remembering home on the road...

Interview with Ladyhawke

"I really loved Garbage; I bought a ticket when they came to New Zealand and my mum wouldn’t let me go!" - Pip 'Ladyhawke' Brown shares her early musical tastes...

Interview with Dry the River

"Can you bring to us? Peanut butter? Vodka? Yeah, bring some peanut butter – that always goes down well." - Dry the River has some rock 'n' roll cravings...

Interview with Chasing Tigers

"Yeah, since we did your music festival, this summer’s packed with festivals now for us, everything from Jelly Fest to god knows, it’s just packed." - Chasing Tigers look forward to a packed summer...

Interview with The Big Pink

"I look at bands like Tears for Fears, or Eurhythmics, pop bands from the 80s – they were so weird and wonderful but yet they were top 10 artists" - Robbie Furze talks to Outline ahead of Playfest...

Interview with Newton Faulkner

"Party night! Wicked, so it’s gonna be very loud, or it might be another picnic. Who knows?!" - Newton looks forward to his gig in Norwich...

Interview with Delilah

"Growing up my household was always full of music. From Nirvana to Metalheadz. Roy Ayres to Aaliyah." - Delilah shares her musical childhood...

Interview with Drugstore

"Well you can bring me flowers…! Bottles of wine, love letters… we’ll take whatever you guys bring on, you know, it’s gonna be a very intimate, and I think special show." - Isabel on what she'd like from our audience...

Interview with 2:54

"We were listening to everything from System of a Down and Slayer to TLC!" - Hannah Thurlow on the sisters' young music tastes...

Interview with Emeli Sandé

"Music was just such a big thing for me from when I was so young and it was the first thing that I could really express myself with, and be as loud as I wanted to with." - Emeli Sandé talks to Outline...

Interview with Feeder

"The Waterfront was always somewhere we played good gigs at, it was a really fun place and that area’s always been really strong for us." - Grant remembers Norwich fondly...

Reef // ’93 – ’03 Ultimate Collector’s Boxset

Reef present to us the 10 years that will always live on…

Estelle // All of Me

She cuts the figure of an international superstar – quite literally on ‘International (Serious), a jet-setter with America in large part, picking up the bill for her air miles.

Interview with Allo Darlin'

"When we were in Montreal, a guy broke into the place we were playing with a sledgehammer, threatening the waitress and we were like, ‘this is more like it!’" - Elisabeth talks tour adventures...

Interview with Jaguar Skills

"Plus I love Alan Partridge as well - isn’t he the best? So yeah, it’s all about Radio Norwich for me." - Jaguar Skills talks about his love for the Eastern region!

Interview with Wild Beasts

"There’s something that feels really important about taking something that is supposedly difficult and ugly and creating something of beauty." - Lead singer Hayden talks to Outline...

Interview with The Maccabees

"We’ve played Norwich so many times and there’s nothing you always bring a real spirit to the gigs..." - Felix talks about The Maccabees' relationship with Norwich

Interview with Wiley

"I wanna do a little bit of acting and stuff, so I’m gonna go and do a bit of training and try and get in Eastenders…" - Wiley talks about future plans with Outline.

Interview with Band of Skulls

"We sound quite loud and rowdy compared to a lot of the other stuff that’s played on the radio." - Russell on their recent Radio 1 airplay...

Interview with The Leisure Society

"As soon as the orchestra started playing the intro to the first song, me and Christian just burst into tears and had to run out the room to save face…"

Interview with Django Django

"Somebody said it was like pouring lemonade in your brain, so I don’t know if that’s the same." - Dave McLean on his band's first album...

Interview with Dog is Dead

"Oh, you’re getting the first show, so this is gonna be us, full energy; we’re gonna be five guys getting very excited about being on a stage"

Rodrigo y Gabriela and C.U.B.A // Area 52

"Every twang and utterance of El Rodri and La Gabi’s guitars exist with such symbiosis, entirely fulfilling the rich sound we’re used to hearing from them..."

Interview with Lee Vann

"I think hopefully to play more outside Norfolk is my biggest goal" - local musician Lee Vann talks of his future plans...

Interview with CYHSY

"Every album should be an event of sorts to me, and this is a fresh start in my opinion. It feels like starting over…" - Alec talks to Outline about the new CYHSY offering.

Interview with Ellen and the Escapades

"I just sort of think of it as a totally different world, and if people like it, if it entertains them, that’s fine with me." - Ellen talks to Outline

Interview with Mark Watson

"I always feel that my fans are on the right side of fanaticism, but you’ve only got to be wrong once I suppose with these things…!"

Feature // Rodney P

"Rodney P is fed into the very foundation of British street sound." - Outline takes a look at the career of Rodney P...

Interview with Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain

"‘Keep on Plucking’ is, I think, the only thing I can say!" - Hester gives advice to would-be ukulele wranglers...

Interview with We Were Promised Jetpacks

We got to play to thousands of people in amazing theatres for 30 minutes, then be done by 9pm and get drunk and watch Jimmy Eat World!

Interview with Keep it Secret

"It would have to be our very first show we played. It was at B2, I was nervous, scared and made tons of mistakes, but 150ish people turned up and it was electric!"

Interview with Vintage Trouble

"We’re riding on that same horse, you know. We just love the simplicity of good soul music." - Nalle of Vintage Trouble talks to Outline...

Laura Veirs // Tumble Bee

"You cannot describe genuine heartfelt lullabies as anything twee – apart from the fact mum and dad decided to release it and put a price tag on it."

Interview with Adrian Edmondson and the Bad Shepherds

"We’re aware of the folk nazis. Hahaha. Every genre can be a cliquey kind of genre. They nominated us at the Radio 2 Folk Awards, which I thought was a bit of a laugh that they let us in there." - Adrian discusses the perils of folk music.

Interview with Mariachi El Bronx

"I think because of the language barrier, sometimes it gets a little like people say, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about! You’re like a bunch of crazy people!’ - Joby talks being Lost in Translation...

Interview with Lisa Hannigan

"I didn’t really think about having to sing the word ‘whiskey’ with my mouth open for five seconds while pints of paint were being thrown at my face..." - Lisa on the making of 'Knots' video.

Interview with The Naked and Famous

"We have this awful, awful syndrome where anyone that does well is just kinda cut off at the knees in New Zealand" - The NZ reaction to success...

Interview with Guillemots

"You can see a tree, or have a conversation with someone, or bump into a wall, or whatever and all of them set off triggers that might then give you an idea musically" - Fyfe Dangerfield talks to Outline...

Interview with The Darkness

"It was like holding on to a jet engine taking off, but ultimately going at that speed and being up that high, you’re gonna get covered in ice and fall off." - Dan Hawkins talks candidly about the pressures of success...

Interview with Quantic

Will Holland bust out the seams of his own name long ago; one name, one style, one country have never been enough to contain one of Britain’s most explorative musicians…

An Interview with Chase & Status

Interview with Chase & Status...