NNF 2017

Frankie Vah

Norwich Playhouse

by Kelly


Frankie Vah


This performance could not have been timed any better given the current climate surrounding the country's politics. With the 2017 election looming and the unrest that many of us are feeling leading up to the big day it was some what comforting, if a little surreal, to be cast back to the 80’s to re-live that experience of political turmoil.

Written and performed Luke Wright, the one man show needed no other input. He commanded the stage in his Doc Martens with subtle and effective light and music changes marking a shift in tone and location. The audience were cast back to a time where the country was socially, politically and morally divided (sound familiar?!) and although there were some jokes and references about the mid 80’s that went over my head (due to the fact that I wasn’t a child in the Thatcher era) it was really great to hear the knowing laughs of agreement and recognition from other audience members who clearly shared the same opinions.

Tied in with Frankie’s political journey was his love story with Eve; a classic tale where boy meets girl and finally he feels he has found his place in the world. The audience shared their passion, their love, their understanding of one and other and the support that they gave to the cause. 

Even when it all came crashing down, the final act brought a feeling of hopefulness and a sense of better things to come. I felt that the performance was tied up really neatly at the end, not because it was overtly happy, but because I felt a sense of calm after travelling through the political whirlwind of hedonistic, leftie mayhem.

Really well executed, funny, hopeful and high energy through out.