Common People 6 - In A Room featuring Dodgy’s Nigel Clark

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October 19, 2019 at 21:00

The team behind East Anglia’s biggest and growing 90s night are delighted to bring you news of their next fantastic event.

And this time round, lovers of 90s Britpop and indie are in for a real treat as Nigel Clark, lead singer of Dodgy, will be appearing armed with both an acoustic guitar and behind the decks. As part of Common People 6, we are delighted to announce an intimate acoustic set of Dodgy classics will take place before the main event for 200 lucky ticket holders and at just £2 more. The normal Common People night will follow with Nigel performing behind the decks, along with our regular DJs across two rooms bringing you the best 90s indie, Britpop, Dance and chill. Dodgy were one of the most popular bands of the 90s, with a top 10 album behind them and a string of top 20 hits including Staying Out For The Summer, In A Room and Good Enough. Over the past two years this twice yearly event has built up a reputation as a not to be missed evening full of surprises. Previous DJs have included Steve Lamacq, Bez, Rick Witter of Shed 7, Dave Rowntree of Blur and Mark Morris from The Bluetones.

Venue Details

20 Bank Plain/28 Castle Meadow, Norwich