Odd Box Presents The Pearl Harts, The Velveteers & Happy Coloured Marbles

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Wild Paths Festival

September 13, 2019 from 19:00 to 22:00

The Velveteers (USA) are back in Nowich! This time on a co headline tour with The Pearl Harts!

8 adv £10 otd 10pm curfew for club night. The Pearl Harts "These girls have a serious ear for dynamic riffs and gigantic tunes... Their track 'Black Blood' adds some call-and response blues to a metallic Rage Against The Machine Style funk riff..." NME Magazine "Loud, blues-driven rock music which thrills and appalls... The Pearl Harts have a visceral quality which is difficult to deny - CLASH MAGAZINE “The Pearl Harts – Warrior princesses glowering beneath spirit-level fringes, their seismic brand of heavy blues channels Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and trail blazing use of loops and samples…. early interviews have evoked the unguarded lip of Courtney Love” – TEAM ROCK "How effing good are The Pearl Harts" Gemma Cairney - BBC RADIO 1 "Bruising guitar licks and balls of steel with the girls exhibiting their no holds barred style of incinerating rock n’ roll..." - ARTROCKER "The two girls in The Pearl Harts kick ass.. they push out an unimaginable amount of noise for only having two people in the band..." - THE 405 The Velveteers (USA) "There is something tremendously special about this band and, in particular, their frontwoman Demi Demitro. At only 19, the talented singer and guitarist has more talent and magnetism than any of us mere mortals could hope for." — Brittany Werges, 303 Magazine "Anastasia Sings" music video: "Death Hex" music video: Happy Coloured Marbles Happy Coloured Marbles are an alternative rock band born from the same mutated musical womb. Inspired by the ethos of bands such Ween and Queens of The Stone Age, their music oscillates from danceable riffs and broken beats, to pop hooks and inifinite atmospherics. Debut singles “Can’t Seem to Shake You”, “The Ineluctable” and "Comfortably Dazed" float into one another with jolting rhythms and western overtones. Driven by a seemingly insatiable lust for manipulating and abusing genres entirely, Happy Coloured Marbles currently find themselves on a path to infiltrate the palace of rock, kill the king, and then dance with the queen.

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, Norwich