Carrie Rogers - H'art of the Stone

Anteros Arts Foundation

January 28, 2020

Poetry and paintings on stone, slate and tiles reflecting a love of the natural world. PV Thursday 30th Jan.

Carrie Rogers is a poet first and foremost, she has had many of her poems published but felt she needed to compliment her writing by extending the expression of her words in the form of painting. Having tried watercolours and acrylics on canvas she was disappointed with the end result and so looked for other mediums to provide the desired effect. Two years ago Carrie discovered that stone, slate and tiles were the medium that best suited her purpose to achieve her unique, expressive style. Some of her poetry and paintings are connected to create an experience which is visually and mentally stimulating. Her paintings of wildlife in it’s raw, untamed quality is enhanced by the organic, textural surface of the stone/ slate, reflecting her love of nature and the natural world. She is currently in the process of combining her writing and painting to achieve her ambition of publishing a book in the coming year. Opening Night Thursday 30th January 6pm-8pm

Venue Details

7-15 Fye Bridge, Norwich