Peter Williams - Strength and Beauty

Anteros Arts Foundation

February 25, 2020

An exhibition of paintings exploring attitudes to history and knowledge. PV Thursday 27th February

The reason for art is that it is something worth doing for its own sake. Asking ‘why do art?’ is a bit like asking ‘why enjoy fun?’. The subject of my art is our attitude to history and knowledge generally, not history itself. People see history as a warehouse of outdated objects and ideas however ideas and thoughts, which have come down to us from the past, influence the shape of the present. Like all of us I take delight in finding new ways, or developing old ways, to push paint over a canvas. I try to see how real images might come from the activity. No-one will ever match the old masters at what they did, but we don’t need to, we have our own imaginations and we are in a different game. A common feature in my paintings is the presence of amazon women. They are a metaphor for the way our passions dominate us. If we want to possess someone or something, we may find that they come to possess us. Opening Night Thursday 27th February 6pm-8pm

Venue Details

7-15 Fye Bridge, Norwich