Welcome To Your Nightmare

MetalRockAlt rockLiveLive music

B2 Venue

October 30, 2021 from 19:00 to 23:00

Metal Night

Alien Nation Live Events presents...WELCOME TO YOUR NIGHTMARE feat. Kamensko A unified love for sludge/stoner rock, metal & blues bought us together as a band to create a new sound from our influences. Fuzzy, Fast and Loud! In a nutshell, we just want to create music with spontinaety, that isn't over-planned and regimented in perfection. Because ultimately, nothing is perfect. But to the right ears, it can be the essence of perfection! We create music with an idea in mind, and that idea grows every time we play it, be it a theme or a riff. We would say we're very much riff-driven, but the lyrics have a poignant meaning. Repair To Ruin 'the trio manage to create a sound which incorporates features from both the hard rock and metal scenes, all the while crafting their own brand of alt-rock original enough to warrant repeated listens' Soundsphere Magazine 'Repair To Ruin-Twinning crushing heavy rock/metal with a host of electronic influences. A growl-less Spineshank springs to mind. Sludgy and heavy but quite melodic post-grunge in the vein of Skillet and Breaking Benjamin.' Bugbear Promotions Rats Packing Grenades Musically we're all about big heavy stoner riffs, grooves and melody. Think Clutch, Sabbath, Scissorfight, etc and you're fairly close. The State The State emerged from the varying musical and artistic interests of its founder, Andy Guy. Originally hailing from the USA, he moved his home base to England and set about on his diabolical experiment of industrial mayhem in a horrific soundscape punctuated by shards of metal into a dark and tortured alarm. £5.50 ticket -

Venue Details

496 Sprowston Road, Norwich