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B2 Venue

November 12, 2021 from 19:00 to 23:00

Fist Full of Devils Tour

Earl is long time David Bowie guitarist starting with the 1974 Diamond Dogs tour, David live Young Americans, Station to Station, Serious Moonlight, Dancing In The Streets, with Bowie and Jagger version, Heathan, Reality, The Next Day and more. Guitarist Earl Slick never had a Plan B. Still doesn’t. In fact, he doesn’t believe in backup plans. “If you have a backup plan,” said the guitarist who for decades worked alongside rock royalty including David Bowie and John Lennon among others, “then eventually you become the backup plan.” Which explains -- and fuels -- Slick’s new album, “Fist Full of Devils.” Harnessing his musical roots as a child of the 60s when blue-based rock pushed its way to the front of the line and incorporating his decades as one of the most sought-after touring musicians in the business, Fistful is Slick as he’s been from the start: an artist who fully mines the depths of the blues and guitar by drawing on a toolkit assembled from blues to glam to punk to rockabilly. Released 2 July 2021, the 11-track instrumental album is no retread retrospective of Slick’s run of 40 years as a professional guitarist; it’s an audible demonstration of a virtuoso still pushing deep into rock and roll’s blues roots. The album, Slick says, is acrobatics without a net. He’d have it no other way. From the moment he picked up a guitar, “I’ve never wanted to do anything else.” What better way to celebrate the album release than a tour of intimate rock n roll shows around the UK? Featuring a set list of new and old material (including Bowie & Lennon) and an all-star band including vocalist Jesse Smith (The Classic Rock Show, Romances), Ben Ellis & Seamus Beaghen (Iggy Pop) and Lee John (A Bowie Celebration, SayReal); these shows promise to be a post Covid rock n roll shot in the arm. £22 ticket -

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496 Sprowston Road, Norwich