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45rpm @ Moosey Art

by Lauren


45rpm @ Moosey Art

On the eve of Thursday 18th August, Bristol based artist 45rpm unveiled his slam dunk Back of the Net exhibition at Moosey Art. This is a collection of enigmatic and colourful pieces that capture the tongue in cheek dynamic of the Banksy-esque 45rpm. 

45rpm is a well-known and well-reviewed artist throughout the UK, and has worked for global brands Penguin, Adidas and Lacoste. His own website demonstrates a full range of his work including various fanzines he has published. 

A Google search reveals plenty a-raving about his works, from his fanzines to his photographs to his street art decorating the streets of his home city, but very little on the artist himself. Perhaps it is his hidden face that only adds to the strength of personality that is experienced in his work. 

A few personal favourites, that are now also available for sale as limited edition prints on Moosey Art’s website include Time Waster  and Have A Nice Spray. I also got more than a chuckle from the assaulting wall whose hands have grabbed the spray can from the artist and turned the can on its head you could say, in his delightful rendition of What Goes Around Comes Around. 

This is a fun show full of cartoon character delight, that demonstrates this creator’s ability to dominate very successful a wide range of skills from photography to street art, design and illustration, each of which are seen in his work and the clear command he has over his own understanding of their possibilities. 

It seems a great compliment than an artist of this calibre should walk the cobbles of our fine city, and my advice is that everyone should take the opportunity while it is here to get down to the show and enjoy all that there is to see.